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Mention George's Seurat's name and the first thing that comes to mindis his "pointillism" his painted pictures of divided color. His Applying paint inregular small strokes giving a picture a look of national order and a new Neo-Impressionism style.Seurat had been born on December 2, 1859 to Ernestine Faivre, andAntoine Seurat. Seurat was the third child in the family. While attendingschool, Seurat took a course from a sculptor Justin Lequin. In November1879, Seurat went to Brest to do his military service. While there he drewbeaches, seas, and boats. In 1883, Seurat began Une baignade, Asnieres or as its called now "The Bathers". Seurat did many study paintings for thepeace, including "the Riverbanks", "Rainbow", "The Black Horse", "Bathersin The Water", "Seated Bather" ,and finally "the Study for "the BathingPlace, Asnieres". When he submitted his painting to the official Salon in earlyspring 1884, it was rejected for reasons unknown.In 1884 Seurat issued another painting Une dimanche a la GrandeJatte or translated "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".Seurat made twenty-seven drawings, twenty-seven panels, and three canvasesrelating to the final product. When a viewer gets close to La Grande Jatte thebrushwork appears quite varied and animated. The strokes vary from smalldots. On the tree trunk the marks change direction and move outward on thebranches. The strokes follow the imagined reality of the figures, flowingoutward for curves and hips, vertically for upright torsos, and follow thedirection of legs. When the painting is viewed from affair the brushworkappears in uniform. Seurat found out that when he put dots of blue besidedots of yellow they looked green from far away. Seurat also found out...

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Art History Essay

1313 words - 5 pages Art History III The Impressionism movement was thought superior to all others in its attempt to develop a technique that brought a new kind of realism to painting and sculpture. It wasn't until French painter George Seurat began his exploration of pointillism, also known as divisonism in the late 19th century that Impressionism was brought to it's new level of Neo Impressionism. During his lifetime Georges-Peirre Seurat

A brief look at Georges Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on the Grang Jatte" and "Young Woman Powdering Herself."

557 words - 2 pages constraints of a working class artist, in his canvasses Seurat thoroughly explored these issues in his unprecedented and unique painting style. Through a groundbreaking scientific use of color, carefully organized composition and an innovative brushstroke technique, Seurat's works incorporate the ideologies of the past in his exciting, highly original works of art.In "A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte", Seurat evokes the ideals of several different

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689 words - 3 pages Impressionist phase. They all used the Impressionist palette in their work, which is bright colors or and a great deal of white. Some of them developed intricate scientific methodsin their work and some began to base their art on their emotions. This piece is painted by Georges Seurat and titled A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. The medium of this piece is oil on canvas. Seurat thought Post Impressionism was simple. He wanted to add more

My Passion for Art

538 words - 2 pages Imagine a rather large canvas, comprised of millions of tiny dots that have been strategically placed to form brilliant shapes and shadows. Such is the technique of pointillism, created by nineteenth century artist Georges Seurat, where points of pure color are grouped together to give off the appearance of a solid figure. My absolute favorite of his works is the popular "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte", a large mural depicting a social

Impressionism and Post Impressionism

617 words - 2 pages generations, and wanted to put emphasis on geometric forms and bring in unnatural colors to their paintings.As with Georges Seurat, Chahut (1889-90) has a deeper richer color and straighter more defined lines and shapes. Color seemed to be adjunct to form in Seurat's work, very opposite of the Impressionists' techniques (Janson 751). Every brushstroke demonstrates Seurat's passion for order and permanence. The canvas surface has been covered with

Art Analysis of The Luncheon of the Boating Party vs A Sunday on La Grande Janette

878 words - 4 pages very pleasing to the eye. Renoir reflects the theme is this painting because the impressionist style was new to the art field, just as the advances from the industrial revolution were new to the people of the world.      A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat is a vibrant piece, that reflects his pointillism style. This painting displays elegant, emotionless people taking a leisurely walk on a nice Sunday

The evolution of the Post Impressionist Period

748 words - 3 pages artist moved on to study their own styles of painting by building on to Impressionism which takes us into the era Post-Impressionist period. Building off the foundations of impressionism artists, Paul Gauguin, George Seurat and Paul Cézanne embellished in their own style and took impressionism into a new direction. Gauguin and van Gogh illuminated the canvas with emotion indulging in rich colors and energetic textures. Both artists were

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2109 words - 8 pages ground in choosing subjects from the events and appearances of his own time and stressing the definition of painting as the arrangement of paint areas on a canvas over and above its function as representation.Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Georges Seurat, 1884-1886Early Impressionist painters were radicals in their time, breaking many of the rules of picture making that had been set by earlier generations. Up until the


1980 words - 8 pages attempts to portray ideal beauty, and instead sought the natural beauty of their surroundings at a given moment. They captured a fresh and original vision that often seemed strange and unfinished to the general public, but which, in our own times, has become much beloved. Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, is an oil on canvas painting, painted in 1884 it measures 207.6 X 308cmIn the 1880s, in the

Biography of Vincent Van Gogh

1223 words - 5 pages amounts that balance out as the viewer move back from the painting. Van Gogh's style for his self-portrait took after the style that Georges Seurat created called pointillism. Van Gogh would put the paint on the canvas using only a paint spatula so his painting would have a large amount of texture and these globs of paint were very much like the dots of paint Seurat used in his paintings ( In the self portrait


886 words - 4 pages first this work was rejected by the official exhibitions but was later accepted as picturesque. The enormously successful artists of Impressionism were Renoir, Morisot, Sisley, Monet, Pissarro and Seurat. Seurat once said that the colors of the Impressionist artists were “mixed by viewer’s eyes rather than artist’s palette” (Usborne 90), meaning that all the colors in the painting were mixed together in the viewers eyes to create what they saw

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973 words - 4 pages Freddy Carp12 Grade Bartlett High SchoolAnchorage,AKGrade: ANovember 7, 1995Georges Seurat: The Neo-ImpressionistGeorges Seurat was born in Paris on December 2, 1859. As a youth, he attended a municipal art school where he copied plaster casts and he then studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in 1878 and 1879 (Homer 7). The young Seurat was strongly influenced by Rembrant and Francisco de Goya. Seurat spent his entire life in Paris except for

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2254 words - 9 pages Seurat and Signac. These are the names of the founding father of neo-impressionism and of its earliest follower. Others would imitate their example, but few would adopt it as their primary style. The primary goal of Neo-Impressionism was, according to Seurat, to go beyond impressionism and apply scientific research in found in all fields of physics to the art of painting. Also, Seurat was quick to admit that he was also trying to find something

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1132 words - 5 pages A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte by Georges Pierre- Seurat A Sunday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte created by Georges Pierre-Seurat is a frozen in action painting of a normal day of the wealthy Parisian life along the river Seine in Paris, France. Seurat designed this art piece in 1886 to show the wealthy Parisian life styles in a public park. Georges and his artwork were not well known until after he passed away

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1946 words - 8 pages Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French Post-Impressionist painter, as well as a fine draftsman. He was born and raised in a wealthy family in Paris on December 2, 1859. He lived a short life of thirty-one year of age, and in his time, Seurat not only invented his style of pointillism, but he also became the first Neo-Impressionist. In pointillism, Seurat used miniscule dots of various colors on a base color to produce the local color. This