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1. What are the major activities and tasks that take up most of your time (at a minimum, include family, school, and work)? Explain how much time you spend on each of these major activities on a daily or weekly basis.
Obviously (and unfortunately) work and sleep consume most of my day. I spend between eight and twelve hours at work and between six and eight hours sleeping each day. School, on average, takes up about an hour of my day, so far. Of course, that won’t remain accurate as I begin to take more and more intensive classes. Sadly, a distant third on my pie chart is the time that I get to spend with my family: most days about four hours with my children before they go to bed and perhaps another two to three hours after that with my wife before we turn in.
2. Define Circadian Rhythm in your own words. When is your high-energy time (be specific as to the time of day)? What activities are you completing during this high-energy time? Is any study time during your high energy time?
The Circadian Rhythm is your body’s natural wake/rest cycle. It usually dictates that you’re awake during the hours of daylight and asleep when it’s dark out. My “high-energy” time changes drastically depending on which shift I’m on. Currently I’m on grave shift and my energy starts to peak just as the sun is coming up. Unfortunately, I’m usually driving home at that point and on my way to bed. When I’m on day shift, I have the most energy just before lunch time, which tends to be my most productive time of the day. Since I’m at work, though, I don’t really have any time to study when that happens.
3. Your textbook emphasizes the importance of using “To Do Lists.” Go to this website: Find the section that deals with “To Do Lists.” Why are To-Do Lists important for success in school and in a career? How do they keep one organized?
To-Do Lists are very useful in keeping track of the tasks you have... well... to do. I have often—personally and professionally—failed to write something down and ended up forgetting all about it. In an environment such as college, where there are potentially a large number of tasks that need to be accomplished before a certain deadline, a To-Do list is essential to ensuring that none of them get overlooked.
4. Select one other tip in the site that would be helpful to you. Name and summarize this tip. Be sure to explain how this tip might apply to you personally.
I have a slight (read: enormous) problem with procrastination. In the tip “Beating Procrastination,” the author gives three steps to overcoming this difficulty:
1. Recognize when you’re procrastinating. Most times, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know. The trick is making yourself be honest.
2. Work out why you’re procrastinating. There are generally two reasons: You find the task distasteful, or you find the task overwhelming.
3. Get over it. There are numerous ways to do this, including rewarding yourself, having...

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