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Seven Signs Of Hormonal Imbalances Hinders Efforts To Lose Weight

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Spring on the door and it's finally time to start the diet and reach weight loss success by treating these hormonal guilty .

Have you been able to lose weight even with diet and exercise ? No matter how hormonal imbalances reflected on the outside of our inner reality remains the same - as well as hormonal imbalances can lead to difficulty losing weight and increased risk of obesity . Unfortunately , you can not resolve the matter hormonal imbalances most commonly used by just diet alone . In fact , this condition can prevent fat loss success even when diet plans and exercise many are there. Even if you could not before, it is likely that one or more of the following hormonal imbalance can ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately our body normally responds to these unpleasant feelings that make us think we are hungry , which leads us to sugar-rich foods and beverages. Then we found ourselves in a vicious cycle of hormonal imbalance , a condition called insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome , which only causes weight gain and risk of diabetes and heart disease ours.

Three . Depression or anxiety
Serotonin exerts a strong influence on our mood , emotions , memory , anxiety (especially carbohydrates ) , self-esteem , tolerance for pain, sleep habits , appetite , digestion and body temperature series . When we are depressed or down , we naturally crave more sugars and starches to stimulate the production of serotonin.

Plenty of sunshine , a healthy diet rich in protein , minerals and vitamins, regular exercise and good sleep support serotonin . When we measure our current lifestyle with the necessary Clhalmntim body's natural production of serotonin , serotonin, low power epidemic then , is not surprising . Add pressure and chronic multitasking - two of the main factors depletion of serotonin - which is a miracle that none of us has yet influenced by the state of low serotonin .

Four . Chronic stress
In situations of chronic stress - if stress is physical , emotional, mental or environmental , real or imagined - our body releases large amounts of the hormone cortisol . If there Llachhfrah mood , such as anxiety , depression , PTSD , or fatigue, or if you have gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome , you can be sure that your body is affected by the hormone cortisol . Through a complex network of hormonal interactions , prolonged stress results come with a large appetite , decreased metabolism , decrease abdominal fat and fit, metabolically active muscle tissue . In other words, stress makes us soft , flabby and much older than we really are!

Five . Toxic estrogen
Researchers have identified excess estrogen ( in both sexes ) as a major risk factor for obesity and poor eating habit and lack of exercise .

There are two ways to accumulate excess estrogen in the body : either we produce too much of it ourselves or purchase from the environment or our diet . We are constantly exposed...

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