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Seven Steps To A Successful Corporate Event

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Picture this: one sleepy afternoon, as you’re at your desk finishing some project, your phone rings. It’s your boss. He says you’re throwing a party for your loyal clients, and he wants you to organise it. Sounds fun. Only that, he doesn’t want it next month or next week, but tomorrow evening.
As a dedicated employee, you’d probably do some deep breathing first, then roll your sleeves and ring anyone who’s willing to take on the challenge. Or another possible reaction would be to get scared out of your wits and tell your boss that organising a corporate event with very little time and preparation is impossible, because it is. At the heart of every successful event is proper and extensive planning. And if you want yours to go without a hitch, you must ensure that the basics have been covered.
Thus, to help you throw the perfect corporate event, here are seven steps to keep in mind:
1. Know the type of event. First, you need to consider what kind of event you’re having, as well as its aim and the people who will be attending. From there, you can determine if it’s best to have it as a casual or as a formal event, and if it should be held indoors or outdoors.
2. Establish a budget. Throwing a party always involves money. It’s important to know what your organisation can afford and how much you’re willing to shell out for all the party expenses. Include the expenses for the venue, catering, advertising, speakers and presenters, and other factors that need funding. Once you have finalised a budget, make sure you stick to it as the costs can add up easily.
3. Choose the appropriate venue. Aside from the purpose of the event, the venue is also one factor that affects the attendance of guests. The venue you choose can help you make a good first impression. So be sure to choose one that is convenient, comfortable, offers the ambience you seek, and is able to accommodate your number of...

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