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Several Aspects To The Plague That Reveal Its Severity Are The Cause Of The Plague, Its Social And Religious Effects, And Its Influence Over The Population

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OutlineThesis: Several aspects to the plague that reveal its severity are the cause of the plague, its social and religious effects, and its influence over the population.I. There have been many disputes over what caused the Black Death.A.On October of 1347, a Genoese fleet brought the sickness into the harbor in North Sicily.1.Sickness brought by the rats and fleas aboard the ship.2.The infested ship rat, called the black ship rat, was carried in the baggage of merchants traveling all over the Mediterranean.3.Within six months of docking, half of the region had fled the country or died.B.Doctors at the University of Paris claimed that on March 20, 1345, a conjunction of three higher planets ...view middle of the document...

2.Some tried "exaggerated penances", others doubled their devotions and encouraged revivals.3.Others "filled their hearts with unbearable anguish about he sorrows of Mary and the sufferings of Christ".III. One of the most severe impacts of the Black Death was its influence over the population.A.One third to one half of the population possibly died by the plague.1. Killed more people than a hostile army.B.There was a death rate up to 30 or 40 percent in some towns.1. In some cases whole villages were wiped out.C.Population steadily declined after 1350.1. Two generations after the plague, there was almost no increase in the population.D.In 1351, the total number dead was calculated to be 23,840,000.The Black DeathThe Black Death, or the Bubonic Plague, which struck in 1349, and again in 1361-62, ravaged all of Europe. It brought gruesome death to many people of the Middle Ages. It was a combination of bubonic, septicaemic, and pneumonic plague strains (Gottfried xiii) that started in the east and worked its way west, but never left its native home. Very few that were infected with the plague survived more than one month after receiving the disease (Strayer and Munro 462). The Black Death was more terrible, and killed more people than any war in history (Strayer and Munro 462). The plague was so horrible and terrifying that people said it made all other disasters in the Middle Ages seems mild when comparing it to the Black Death (Gies 191). Several aspects to the plague that reveal its severity are the cause of the plague, its social and religious effects, and its influence over the population.There have been many disputes over what caused the Black Death, but only one is supported with the most evidence. It is thought that on October of 1347, a Genoese fleetmade its way into a harbor in northeast Sicily with a crew that had "sickness clinging to their very bones" (Gottfried xiii). The sickness they had was brought by the rats and fleas aboard the ship. The harbor tried to control the sickness by attempting to quarantine the fleet, but it was too late (Gottfried xiii). Within six months of the docking of that very fleet, half of the region had either fled the country, or died. That fleet, along with many other fleets along the Mediterranean Sea, brought the greatest natural disaster to the world (Gottfried xiii). The infested rat, called the black ship rat, was carried in the baggage of merchants on board the ships traveling all over the Mediterranean (Norwich 30). They didn't know it, but it was the people that actually spread the disease across the land. The plague spread in a great arc across Europe, starting in the east in the Mediterranean Sea, and ending up in northwest Germany (Strayer and Munro 462). There was another cause that some people strongly believed brought the disease into their world. Doctors at the University of Paris claimed that on March 20, 1345, at one o'clock in the afternoon, a conjunction of three higher planets Saturn,...

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