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World War One Account for the feelings of hostility towards the Austria-hungry Empire by Serb nationalists in 1914: Austria was what stood in the way of progress of the Serbian nation. Serbia was a direct threat to the survival of the multinational Austrian Empire and for that reason Austria felt it necessary to thwart Serbia's plans for growth and development. The Serbs desired more land, especially a coastline with an all important sea port, Austria denied them this by, in the peace treaty of 1912, creating a new country between Serbia and the coast, Albania. Austria also had Imperial control over several Slavic states, to which she denied national self-determination. The annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria in 1908, and the subsequent threat of war by the Empire had also been a major factor in creating the hostility between the two sides.Assess the extent to which Germany provoked the war of 1914: The Actions and policies of Germany before 1914 were largely provocative towards the other powers of Europe and thus a major factor in the build-up to war.With the Accent of a new Kaiser, Kaiser William II to the throne and the retirement of Chancellor Bismarck Germany embarked on a series of aggressive reforms and developments to her foreign policies. Kaiser Bill himself was threatening to the other leaders. His proud, militarist and power-hungry features, caused him to be viewed in a questionable light and the policies he instigated for Germany caused the same reaction. Central to the foreign policies of Germany was Weltpolitik (world policy), which involved the move from a continental power to a world power through colonial and naval expansion.Chancellor Bismarck had prevented Germany from threatening the other Empires by her foreign policies but it wasn't long before Germany's determination for a "˜place in the sun' drew the attention of Britain and France. Her aggressive grabs for colonial acquisitions, her rapid naval expansion and increasing military strength were seen as, not only a direct threat to their own individual positions within Europe but as an attempt at world domination, particularly as Germany's international position was already strong. This created enormous tension that spread through all other nations and caused them to alter their own foreign policies and military status in answer to the threat from Germany. Thus Germany was largely responsible for the stress of the arms race and desperate desires for colonial expansion in the other powers, which created tension that largely, contributed to the outbreak of war in 1914 Germany too, was largely responsible for the creation of the alliance systems that meant any conflict would develop into an international crisis. She began with an alliance with Austria to support the other if attacked, which then spurned the creation of the alliances between France, Britain and Russia. In the opinion of the historian J. Lochlan this was a major contributing factor to the buildup...

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675 words - 3 pages ? There may have been a war, but the repercussions wouldn't have been as catastrophic. They never thought that there would be a war with this system, but they underestimated its destruction. In conclusion, in the year of 1914, a war broke out. It was named World War I because of the many countries involved. The several major causes of it were imperialism, which led to militarism and nationalism, ethnic struggles in the Balkans, and the Alliance System. I believe that the major cause of it was the Alliance system because without it, there probably wouldn't have been so a large war. War is a very damaging calamity and should be avoided.

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492 words - 2 pages both were not willing to commit forces to events a long way from home and it seemed that Britain and France failed to commit to making tough decisions.Not all nations were members of the League. The USA never joined and this deprived the League of the support of the most powerful nation in the world. The League had no armed forces of its own, so it relied on collective security too often, this meant that nations looked to the League to take

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1721 words - 7 pages War II. In fact, he brought several of his college textbooks and used his books to prove whatever point he was trying to make. Initially, after he told me about the syphilis experimental testing that the United States military administered on African Americans, I was reluctant to believe him (though I never showed any skepticism). However, he took out one of his textbooks, showed me the article on the Tuskegee experimental testing, and immediately

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918 words - 4 pages and Germany. But this did not have the effect Germany wanted it to have. France gave Germany the Congo as long as France could have colonial rule of Morocco. The Kaiser failed to break the Anglo-French agreement and the relations between France and Germany worsened.This then shows that between 1904 - 1914, the conflict between all the major powers and the Slavs caused tension between countries and caused hostility which in time brought about the causes of the first world war.

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774 words - 3 pages horrible as the death toll of 65,000 in French North Africa and West Africa. Following the end of the war, approximately 2% of the African population died in an influenza outbreak.According to an African American historical society, "World War I had a general negative influence on the trade and development of Africa". This statement is true, considering the fact that the price of all commodities went up in Africa following the war, the economy stalled

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2138 words - 9 pages advanced (Lyman, par. 4). Pulling research from Raymond Moore, who analyzed thousands of studies related to the suitable timing for the entrance of a child into institutional schooling, Lyman found that children are more likely to have developmental problems if they are required to perform tasks, such as reading, prematurely. She concludes that this problem could be solved by homeschooling, because it can adapt to the various learning speeds of

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