"Acute American Toxication" By Ethan Herber: The Idocy Of Gay Marriage, Abortion, And Other Non Religious Things Are Being Blamed For Today's Problems.

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IGNORANCE! That's right, traditionalists, IGNORANCE IS RUNNIN WILD! For all of you "traditionalists" out there, get your facts straight. You want to keep "under god in the pledge of allegiance like it was intended, right? "Under god", was never part of the original pledge of allegiance. Under god was only added in 1954, when the atheist ideas of McCarthyism were running wild among the political stage. It was only put in as a final defense barrier, to protect the true American way, the American spirit from the dark sides of communism in the cold war. Interesting isn't it. Separation of church and state is one of this countries oldest ideals, and in modern American politics, the line between church and state is vastly evaporating. This is leading us to, what I believe, a cultural Civil War, and the death of American culture. It's this simple. Religion was never, ever a part of American politics, and it never was attended to be, but by god, not even the "home of the free" could keep Jesus, the LORD AND SAVIOR himself out. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not bashing religion at all. What tickles my pickle is when religious morals and politics are mixed, thrown together. It's a lethal combination, and I'm not ready to die at 16 yet, and I'm pretty sure that you aren't either. So sit down and hold on to your pants while I take you though something I like to call:"Acute American intoxication" *How American Politics Are Dying*Four score and seven years ago our founding fathers based this country on equality, liberty, and freedom for all. Over 200 years later, we still institute those rights in a fair and equal manner. Now that's a bunch of bull. Perfect example. The acclaimed Rev. Jerry Falwell blamed September 11th on "abortionists, feminists, gays, and other groups that have tried to secularize America". Of course Jerry, the gays recruited the hijackers, the abortionists supplied the funds, and the feminists worked as the double agents to gain intelligence! IGNORANCE PEOPLE! IT'S ALL IGNORANCE! This is why we have a cultural divide forming in America. Ignorance is taking over the fear - filled minds of the American public and it's filling them with the religious backed policies of this nation's current administration. We are scared to accept change, new things, but the only way we will prosper as a civilization is if we change and grow with the world. We are afraid to change our ways, our policies, and our customs. And we are afraid for this 1 reason. We have let a certain majority's ideals, morals, and ideas gain power in our political system, and now we can't stop it. Because if we were to stop it, that means, we would have to change.1.17 billion dollars... I can think of a lot of good ways to use 1.17 billion dollars. Buy a plane, a country, some clothes, id give some to charity but, 1.17 billion government dollars. Now it's trickier, now you have to limit your options. In this situation, id donate some to the environment projects, homeless, and...

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