Serious Consequences: Tobacco, Alcohol, Zero Gravity

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Many casual claims about the affects of smoking on the human body have been made throughout the years since the discovery of potential health problems of smoking had been discovered. In a commercial, released in 2013, it displays multiple people smoking cigarettes with the affects having their children or themselves developing lung cancer or asthma ( The affects of smoking not only affect those that inhale the carcinogens but also affect those that may be around the toxins at the time as well. It has been proven that the tobacco leaf, once lit, can release hundreds of carcinogenic substances that can be fatal or cancerous to the human body. As a result of inhalation of tobacco, it can obstruct the respiratory airways as it can cause a numerous amount of damage to the upper and lower respiratory airways ( In the upper respiratory airways, loss of cilia and mucous gland hypertrophy may occur as well as alveoli being potentially damaged or destroyed with the loss of gas exchange at its surface ( With the obstruction of airflow into the lungs an individual may encounter diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, development of lung cancer, and asthma (
In an Export 33 alcohol commercial, a man is seen drinking an alcoholic beverage for the sake of his girlfriend, but the effects of alcohol consumption is a lot greater than the casual consumption of the beverage the commercial portrays to the audience. Studies have displayed how alcohol consumption could cause various affects to the cerebellum and the brains various communication pathways; as an individual drinks more alcohol, the more inhibited they become neurologically ( With the consumption of alcohol an individual can start to lose more control over their body movements as they may become unstable during movements such as walking or driving display damage to the cerebellum of the brain which controls body movement and coordination. Alcohol consumption does not only cause damage to the reasoning and movement centers of the brain but also to various organs such as the pancreas. Since alcohol is presumed to be a toxic substance, the more a person consumes the more they can cause damage to their pancreas, and thus become vulnerable to diseases such as pancreatitis, which, is caused by inflammation in swelling of the blood vessels that inhibits proper digestion (niaaa,nih,gov.). This proves how alcohol can be a toxic substance to the body as it harms most organs of the body including the central processing centers of the brain.
In a proceeding music video, a man sings a song about weightlessness in space as he himself is seen moving around in a zero gravity space ship. Zero gravity can cause various effects to the body because the body is built mainly for opposition to gravity, but in space the body has trouble adjusting to the zero gravity environment as illnesses such as vertigo and nausea can become prevalent...

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