Serious Games And Learning Essay

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Serious games

Serious games refers to video and computer games which are designed mainly for the purpose not for purely entertainment base but have a purpose more towards serious side. The adjective serious is commonly used to refer to the products which are associated with products of industries related to the fields of health care, education, politics, defense etc. in education the purpose of serious games is carefully and explicitly thought out which are not played with the intention for amusement. Michael and Chen (2005) believe that serious games which are used in education have a primary goal other than that of entertainment.
Global changes are represented by serious games that aim in developing affordable, intuitive, familiar and much accessible training environments for a much wider range of training and educational applications starting right from national heritage to the interaction at multicultural level, health care and medicine to the training of defense for various operations. Games that are played with the purpose of learning in education often use series of choices and are rule based are termed as applications which use characteristics of both computer and video games. The aim of such games is to create an immersive and engaging learning experience which would help to deliver specific learning goals, experiences and outcomes (Bellotti, Berta, Gloria, & Primavera, 2009).
Various names are used for such kinds of games like:
1. Simulation
2. Educational games
3. Digital game based learning
4. Games for change
5. Persuasive learning
6. Entertainment
7. Alternative purpose games
8. Synthetic learning environment
9. Games for good
An important point to note at this stage is that in learning process, serious games is not the explicit objective rather they are one of the forms of learning that is deeply embedded. Freitas and Neumann (2009) describe serious games as a mental contest that is played with the help of a computer by following specific set of rules which makes the use of entertainment to corporate training, education, strategic objectives of communication, health etc. This definition has given birth to a new terminology that is linked with serious games that are simulations. Simulations represent both real as well as hypothetical processes and even systems and mechanisms.
Serious games help to transform learning into a process that is more dynamic and engaging along with enhancing the work performance of learner. When students are learning with the help of some experience, the level of their retention understands in that case is higher....

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