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Sewing Co Plv Is An Apprentice School For Sewing In Israel

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Sewing CoPLV

The Talent sewing of Apprentice women in Albireh, Ramallah, Israel was formed by Friends School and Ramallah Scouts In the summer of 1977, I learned sewing as a craft and an apprentice. I engaged in a humanistic collective learning process. One months later We all had a shared interest in sewing small items to raise a fund for a little girl who need heart transplant surgery . We had three months to learn, sell and raise the funds.We all shared a concern for the little girl . We were all neighbors, friends and relatives with close family ties. The project provided new and intriguing learning opportunities to ...view middle of the document...

Th identity was defined by our unified and shared passion of the learning activity and desire .During the summer vacation, we learned from each other and were also appreciated by our families and friends. The

Sewing CoPLV

domain of sewing knowledge created the shared ground among us the community members . We were in tune with the domain and felt responsible, accountable and dedicated to the learning experience and practice.The students encouraged and learned from each other and established the educational background. In pursuing our interest in the domain, I engaged in group communicative activities on a daily basis from 9-4. I liked the learning and shared in activities, discussions, helped each other and shared the learnings and mistakes, the laughs, tears, fears, worries and successes. The happiest moments when I was able to finish sewing an apron and a scarf which I knitted for my mother . I remember my grandmother`s words “ Sewing is an art of life , you can make a living out of it”. My grandmother used to sew small hats for the villagers sons and sell them . Her little income helped my grandfather who was a school principal to raise a family of seven children . The twenty girls had close relations , we were neighbors and relatives , doe girls lived in Jerusalem which was

Sewing CoPLV

forty-five minutes away , others from Jericho and Jaffa were hosted by other girls families.It was the happiest days in my life . We learned a lot from each other. As practitioners, we all developed a shared repertoire of resources such as sewing kits, fashion magazines, patrons, wools,knitting hooks and scissors. Our resources included ways to address problems such as fixing
wrong sewing, saving already cut material . Our activities lasted all the day . Interaction was highly successful and fun , We shared sources of knowledge and tools. Our stories and experiments were our shared repertoire.
Cop took place in the youth club in Albireh, Ramallah in Israel, we were 20 sixth grader girls who attended Friends School . We had one teacher , teacher assistant and some volunteers. Our workshop had big tables , chairs, a couple of sewing machines and sewing tools . The teacher and her assistant prepared the environment and the tools to be

Sewing CoPLV

used by the learners. The teacher gave us enough time for training and re-training. The teacher Instructed us the learners to multiple exercises to practice cutting , sewing which provided us with different ideas .Importantly, she put the teaching tools under consideration upon activities design and determined the optimal implementation according to the activity type . We were offered a variety of different activities for diversity target which led us to think about solutions for learning difficulties.I remember that the teacher played different roles; she was not knowledge transmitter but rather a facilitator and a trainer and a couch.We all Participated in...

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