Reasons For Encouraging Sex Before Marriage

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Sex, or sexual intercourse is denoted as penile-vaginal penetration .It is a physical and physiological basic need of human beings, equally important as eating, drinking, breathing, and sleeping. It can also be a beautiful and unforgettable experience, even doing it without marrying. Therapists have long known that couples who have more, and better, sex are happier and more stable.Although other people suggest that adults should abstain from sex before marriage as love is more important, avoid unwanted pregnancies or diseases, and unacceptable by society, there are reasons for encouraging sex before marriage.
First of all, opponents claim that adults should abstain from sex as true love is not about sex. However, having premarital sex can build the bond between couples as it is a kind of expression of love. By having sex, there is connection of love between couples, and it can build the trusts at the same time. It then becomes the foundation to improve their relationship, and they will finally come out with the plan to live and form their own family together with their partners. According to Justin Lehmiller(),for some men, sex may be their primary way of communicating and expressing intimacy.Besides, they can still maintain their relationship before and after marriage. Whenever they are in argument, sex is quite a good way for them to solve their conflicts. They will have the chance to talk properly on the bed after having sex. It can soon strengthen their relationship. Having premarital sex can give them pleasure as well. When they live together before marriage and have sex as their connection, they will know how compatible of them with their partner. As sex is an important part of marriage, they can practice together to make it perfect to satisfy their partners’ needs after marriage.
Furthermore, opponents mention that adults should abstain from sex as it can avoid unwanted pregnancies and diseases. On the other hand, precautions can be taken to avoid pregnancies and diseases. Couples can take contraceptive method to avoid pregnancies. For an example, birth control pills can effectively inhibit ovulation of women, thus prevent conception. They can maintain the ovulation method, which is abstaining from having sex during the fertile phase to prevent pregnancies naturally without taking any medicine. Using condoms while having sex can also prevent diseases as well. Moreover, having a healthy sex life before marriage can help in releasing stress. Life is filled with stress. After a whole-day working, adults will feel tension and lifeless. When...

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