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Also, if someone were to have sex with just more than one person during their adolescence then they have a higher chance of having their marital quality going down and then divorcing. “They are unlikely to remain sexually exclusive and, therefore, likely to divorce” (Paik, 2011, p. 474). These are the people that even if they are married and seem happy to just be having sex with just that one person, they will still go out and decide to have an extramarital relationship with someone and then break the trust that the person that they married gave them. This person then might not tell their spouse about their extramarital relationship and then their spouse might find out later down the line ...view middle of the document...

950). This seems like something that would make the quality and stability of the marriage much better. Both of the partners first of all to have satisfaction with their marriage must have to be friends, it would not be nice to see two people that have children together and see that they are not cordial to each other. It would not be good for the parents or for the children if none of them have a happy environment. Many people before they get married happen to have a satisfaction with the love and affection that they have together as a couple. They might have become the people that had premarital sex either together or with other people. Then to have found each other and started to become satisfied with the relationship that they had together made them want to get married and have a family together. Though if they were to have had premarital sex with other people this does happen to increase their risk of divorce, even if they were to have good marital stability and quality, they could still happen to have some major fights that could make them want to divorce. Satisfaction with many things in a relationship can help a marriage in the long run. If someone were to not be satisfied with anything in their relationship then they would not be able to emotionally connect with their spouse, then they would detach themselves, and they would probably get a divorce in a short while after.
Premarital cohabitation can lead to many things if after they have been cohabiting for a while, they then get married. “..Cohabitation should eliminate poor matches and make subsequent marriages more stable. The evidence, however, suggest the opposite conclusion”(Kamp Dush, Cohan, & Amato, 2003, p. 540). Many people believe that before they get married they should live together for many years. This works for some people, if they did not have any place else to live or they feel like they are truly in love. If two people have just started to live together, it might seem like the best idea, they get to learn more about the person that they want to live the rest of their life with before they take the plunge and get married. After they get married, these people that have had premarital cohabitation then they realize that they do not really have all the time in the world to devote to this one person that they did before they got married. This makes the marital quality in the marriage to go down, which does not help the situation if the spouses were to be fighting a little bit after they had gotten married. This also does not help the marital stability as if two people were to have premarital cohabitation then they would not have a stable relationship after they got married which would make them more at risk for a non intact relationship. If they had children during the time they had gotten married it would not help them at all if the marital quality and stability went down, because of the fact that for a couple of years before they got married, then had problems when they...

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