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Sex And Punishment Essay

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According to the brief and the title of the book it ‘tells the story’ (Berkowitz 2012) of the sex throughout all the ages. From the table of contents the structure starts with the first sex laws in Circa 2100 BC then Ancient Greece and then up until the 19th Century meaning that the 4000 years were covered. The book does exactly as the title explains. In each chapter it describes the laws that each particular era towards homosexuality, beastality, prostitution, and the age of the consent. Whilst covering every aspect of sex, such along with rape and pornography it also describes the punishments people received such as murder or heavy fines or torture.
Even though it has done exactly what the title suggested I did not realise that it would appear as a history book and go through every period in detail but would rather just elaborate on important or pinnacle sex differences. The chapters are long but the fact that it covers this in every chapter makes it easier to see the differences between the time periods. However with this same structure it can make it feel a bit repetitive, especially if previous chapters are referred to throughout.
In the introduction it explains that one period or culture has different views and explanations of law for different aspects of sex compared to another, such as homosexuality is illegal in some time periods due to sodomy (it being unnatural as it does not procreate) but in the ancient Greece it was how men showed their power. Throughout the book it does make reference to previous chapters to help the reader to notice the differences of the laws or how people were punish or how some people are allowed to get away with the certain crime (depending on how much money they had) or on the colour of their skin or gender. It was important to recognise...

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