Sex And The City, An American Culture Text

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Sex and the CitySex, in all orientations, nudity, lots of it, fine dining, eclectic fashions, physically and financially privileged people, and New York City describes the hit syndicated, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning show, Sex and the City. So, then at this description alone is there a need for contrived messages or active audience? The mere presence of beauty and fashion will attract an audience thus, defining itself as a performance. Several shows can be described similarly, particularly ones that are set in the space of New York City, at the basic level, the demography of the city encompasses all these aesthetics that entice viewers. Like other shows that feature their cast in a major metropolitan area, it has the innate ability to draw viewers in just to preview what serves as a motion magazine. It is the enticement and presence of viewers that not only make the show a hit but a performance according to Ngugi, an audience must be present to define a performance. In addition, it must contain space, content, ideally some reformative effects of the audience. Under that rubric, Sex and the City qualifies. It occupies a specified space, New York City, it certainly has an audience, a loyal one to be precise, and its content is lucid and decipherable.Clips of beautiful people stroll through historical landmarks living in modernistic times makes for a collection of magazine image. Major urbanized cities are advantaged at what the city offers. These cities that highlight attractive people, expensive apparel, and picture perfect physique have an advantageous clutch on audiences. Viewers appreciate aesthetics. They are vulnerable when they are hit with physical perfectionism. Shows that function like a rapid flipping magazine capture viewers' attention instantly. Once that is established, the show aspires to retain that interest through other more meaningful, significant, culturally defining modes, the way Sex and the City has. This tale-tell story of four single women residing in New York manages to incorporate progressive ideals along with some prevalence of tradition but only delineates American culture; there is no recognition for other prevailing cultures, especially that of New York City. Additionally, it further perpetuates the notion of a male dominated society by reiterating that message. In its earnest attempt to negate that infrastructure it serves as a reminder of which gender dominates. Thus, the show advocates Ngugi's urgency to move the centre away from its assumed location in the West to a mulitiplicity of spheres in all cultures of the world and secondly, to move away from the dominant social stratum, a male bourgeoise minority. At the outset, viewers' reactions to the show indicated that they classified it as a feminist text and assisted in the movement for gender equality. The show's fascia perpetuates this belief; in example, the opening to the show contains metaphorical signs invoking audiences to consider it as a feminist...

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