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Sex And The Middle Schooler Essay

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A parent does not want to think about their little middle schooler having sex. It is not possible. They are too young at this age. We all want to think this. Are middle schoolers really having sex? If so, what should we (parents, teachers, etc.) do about it?
The media talks about preteens and teens and sex but how close is this to the truth? We have heard about rainbow parties in which girls would wear different colors of lipstick and take turns servicing a boy until they left rainbow rings with their lipstick (Young, 2006). Though this may have happened, it is not a common occurrence. Linda Perlstein, who spent a year attending classes at a middle school in Maryland, says that the media sensationalizes it. She says that while it is likely that your child is not having sex, it is very likely that he or she is hearing a lot of talk about it at lunch and throughout the school day (Shreve, 2005).
That being said, sexual intercourse among youth is being initiated earlier. At this time middle schoolers are starting to become aware of their sexual feelings and some of the students are starting to act on these feelings. From 1960-1991, the fertility rate for girls aged 10-14 rose from 0.8 to 1.4 (Lederman & Mian, 2003). It almost doubled and it was even higher in some places. A more recent national study has shown that twelve to fifteen percent of seventh graders report having sexual experience (De Rosa, et al., 2010). It is believed that poor contraceptive use is the primary reason for both of these problems. A study by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control noted that four percent of thirteen and fourteen year olds are having oral sex (Young, 2006).
This will influence the number of sexual partners that the students have because they are having sex earlier. This also means that students are getting pregnant younger and are getting more sexually transmitted diseases. Teenagers have the highest age-specific risk for sexually transmitted diseases and also the highest age-specific proportion of unintended pregnancy in the United States. Adolescents are especially bad at using contraception correctly. The younger a teen girl is when becoming pregnant, the more likely she is to have a shorter period of time between first and second births than an older teen. Adolescents who are younger the first time they have sexual intercourse tend to have more partners more quickly. (Lederman & Mian, 2003).
A study has been done about the age of first intercourse and the subsequent gaps in contraceptive use. The average age of first intercourse from this study was 17.5 years old but thirteen percent of women reported that their first intercourse was when they were less than fifteen years old. (Magnusson, Masho, & Lapane, 2012) ”Sexual debut before age 15 years has been associated with increased sexual risk behaviors including unprotected intercourse, multiple sexual partners, and pregnancy among...

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