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When you turn on your television set, what do u see? You see SEX. On regular censored t.v you and young children see SEX. It isn't really SEX it is an advertisement not even for SEXUAL products, showing you SEXUAL things. Is there something wrong with this or is this a good advertising technique? In the world, companies look for ways to sell their products. Companies do almost anything that is legal to sell their products. Can you blame them? They strive to be the best at what they are, sell the most products, and make the most profit, and in the long run be the #1 company. Is it wrong to be the best at what you do or sell? Society teaches us to strive for the best and if you are not good or the best you are nothing. As a result companies have to be the best or they will not make the most money. They will eventually have the potential to go out of business. No company wants these results, unless there is something wrong with them. When you want to see good results, you try as hard as you can to reach that result. In almost every aspect life people do this. They use many different types of methods to progress in anything they do. In the advertising business, it is a war with many casualties. Some companies do not survive this harsh war and few companies triumph to be on top. The company that triumphs is usually the company that has the better advertisements. Advertisements that catch the peoples eye, help a company tremendously. That is why companies have committees to come up with advertising campaigns and a committee to judge the advertisement to see if it will make them money. A lot of companies put the most money into their advertisements. Companies will use many different forms of advertisements. We see theme songs, games to win things, professional athletes, actors or actresses, special made characters, and SEX. Today sex in advertisements is one of the most widely used type of advertising. Companies will use SEXUAL things...

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