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Sex At Dawn Critical Review

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Sex at Dawn, written by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethȧ, is a non-fiction writing about the evolution of relationships from polygamy to monogamy. According to the authors, polygamy is leading to divorces, and a change in behaviors of males and females, both humans and primates. Different cultures see that one should have intercourse with multiple men before marriage and others do not believe in such customs. Some cultures commit infanticide when a bodacious female is born in the family because the family prefers to have a male around, as males bring home the necessities to survive, while females generally do not. Another topic in the writing is the change from living in a community to living in a nuclear family. Finally, in some norms it is common for children to be unaware of who his or her parents are and to have multiple family members or strangers take care of the children. There are many customs in the world that some see as strange, but it is normal for the people who grew up around these particular traditions. While reading this book, some of my views have changed on some topics.
In the writing, the author talks about the transformation from polygamous relationships to monogamous relationships. The first chapter, under the subtitle “You Are What You Eat,” If a native comes to the United States, some would think the native is a strange person when they see the native eat plants and scrubs from the bushes but, the native would see the people of the United States as strange people because of the fact the Americans eat with utensils while the natives just use their hands. Why do the Aborigines and Americans have different food? The American and Aborigines are eating the same food but, in different forms. The Aborigines eat insects, Witchetty grubs and rats, critters. The Europeans thought the natives were starving (Sex at Dawn 22). The Europeans believe their food is normal, but it is normal for the aborigines to eat rats and critters. Why is this? The Europeans and native have different cultures, and because of economic status; how much money one has to survive in society. The Europeans in this chapter were rich so they had all the food in their ships before they left Europe. The Aborigines did not have the finances to buy the food; a currency system was not present among the Aborigines so the Aborigines ate anything they could retrieve from the wild forest; herbs, insects and animals. In the end, once the Europeans had a shortage of food, they started to follow the Aborigines lifestyle and followed their methods to get nutrition. In this excerpt of the nonfiction book, Ryan and Jethȧ used food as an example to show how people once ate live creature and how prefer to eat their food killed. Since there was a shortage among the Europeans, it could have changed the style the European lived in; from a community to a nuclear family.
Living in a community means one is around people one knows or does not know, and everyone is sharing...

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