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For centuries, worldly cultures have considered women to be the lesser, subservient sex. In the United States, when women first gained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment, they paraded signs that said ?Emancipation.? Along with the right to vote, the 19th Amendment was also a giant step in women?s liberation, and they saw this as a ?freedom,? of sorts, from the chains or confines of social standards that had oppressed them. Of course the social standards that oppress women today in 2002 are nothing like those of 1920; however, some feel that women face more challenges than any other social group in the way of opportunities available to them. The advances that women have made since the passing of the 19th Amendment have been great, yet discrimination towards women in United States society still exists. Although it can be argued, in areas such as the workforce, the family, and in the military, women are constantly faced with discrimination.Many women feel that they experience injustice in the work place. Lower wages than men for women is a struggle that has been around since women set foot on the job site. Women are rarely promoted to managerial positions and those who are must work twice as hard as men to get there. Currently, there are just three female chief executives among the Fortune 500 and only seven in the Fortune 1000 (Employment Review). Occupations that put both men and women on an even par with one another are few and far between. Even when working at the same position, a man and a woman do not earn the same amount, as a study by NYU?s Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Administration illustrates. In comparing male salaries with female salaries in the U.S. lodging industry, the differences were drastic, the study illustrated. For instance, the average annual salary of a male general manager of a hotel was $64,264 with a 13.92% bonus, yet a female general manager only made a startling $37,610 with a 9.47% bonus (Kefgen).To equalize salaries in the workforce, a solution that would be extremely beneficial is the enacting of a law to prohibit disproportionate salaries for equal work on the basis of sex. This would be along the same lines as Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act, which states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance," (Solomon). However, even Title IX, is abused by institutions at the expense of females, using the excuse in regards to athletics that boys are more interested in sports than girls, and therefore should receive more funding (Solomon). But in the workplace, no such excuse would be possible. Everyone must earn a living and individuals working in an equal position would, and should receive equal wages. Everyone should be able to have an equal chance at success because a woman is...

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