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Sex Education Essay

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The first position on this topic is Abstinence-only until marriage sex education should be taught in public schools. According to the heritage foundation, “teens who abstain from sex have improved life outcomes” (“Sex Education and Abstinence”). Safe sex can never be guaranteed to be 100% effective. Safe sex only merely reduces the risks while abstinence completely eliminates the risk (Garth 112). Modern sex education techniques are too bold and in turn, desensitize adolescents, encouraging promiscuous behavior. According to researchers Marsiglio and Mott, comprehensive sex education is associated with a rise in sexual activity in teenagers (Richard 22).
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Dr. Melvin Anchell believes, “Some of the blame for this decline in mental health must fall on the carnal attitudes toward sex, as well as premature sexual activity, encouraged by sex education” (Richard 22).
The loosening of moral standards can be claimed as one reason as to why so many more young people are taking part in sexual activities (Egendorf 54). This loss of innocence has dire consequences for today’s youth. Everyday 33,000 people contract a sexually transmitted disease. It is estimated that two-thirds of those are under the age of 25 (Garth 115). Comprehensive sex education accommodates sexual deviance and permissiveness. Discouraging the promotion of sexual relations should be the goal. Students should be expected to strive for excellence. In an eighteen month correlational study, students in an abstinence program, “Sex Can Wait” were compared with students in a regular sex education program (Denny, Young 415). Participants for the study were chosen from fifteen different school districts (Denny, Young 414). The students in the “Sex Can Wait” program revealed higher scores in understanding and knowledge as well as an intent to be abstinent. Most importantly, students in the “Sex Can Wait” group were less likely to participate in sexual intercourse, ever and in the previous month (Denny, Young 420).
The modern sex education movement is flawed in that it is taught from a social point of view that focuses more on the concept of “sexuality” than on the biological facts of procreation (Richard 27). Comprehensive sex education programs, at times, include detailed information about sexual orientations. According to neuroscientists, the brain of an adolescent can be significantly influenced by outside factors (NARTH 191). Adolescence is a time of discovery and growth. Most teens face anxiety regarding their sexuality. Comprehensive sex education that teaches acceptance of gay-affirming ideas contributes to this anxiety (NARTH 192). There are many negative consequences related to a confused child being taught that he or she may be homosexual that can damage the vital self-esteem (NARTH 192). Obvious or more discreet homosexual indoctrination can affect brain and sexual physiologic development in a developing brain of an adolescent (NARTH 193). Encouraging homosexual tendencies is unethical because homosexual activities increases the danger of diseases. Homosexuals are fourteen times more likely to contract syphilis, three times more likely to get genital warts, eight times more vulnerable to hepatitis, and at an astounding five thousand times greater chance of contracting AIDs (Dudley 115-116).
The second position on this topic is that students should be taught a comprehensive sex education curriculum that encompasses information about contraception, sexuality, and sexually transmitted diseases. Teenagers in the United States are in desperate need of comprehensive sex education in order to protect themselves. Not only is comprehensive...

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