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Sex Education:
Too Much?

This paper will show the problems associated with the teaching of sex education in public schools and why some states refuse to teach it because of their ways. Although teaching Sexual Education is a controversial topic, I believe it can be beneficial. As shown by my home state of California, I can correlate the teaching of Sex Education in public schools alongside decreasing abortion, teen pregnancy, and STD rates. I will also touch briefly on the emotional toll it will have as some students as well as the economy, and share from my own personal experiences why teaching sex education is so important.

Sex Education:
Too Much?
How do you raise a child? Every parent can agree that having a child and molding them from the very start of their life can be overwhelming and stressful as it is, especially if you throw sex into it. Teaching teens about the birds and the bees can be uncomfortable and some would even argue unnecessary but I believe it can have a positive impact on their lives and show them how to be smart, safe, and make healthy life decisions. As shown by my home state of California, teaching teens Sex Education in public schools can lead to decreased teen pregnancy, abortion, and STD rates. My question is should other states follow suit?
(Seminars M.M 2016)
According to Guttmacher Institute, California, my home state, is the only state that makes sex education and HIV education mandatory, as well as medically accurate, age appropriate, unbiased, and cannot promote religion (Sex and HIV Education 2016). Teen pregnancy rates in California are also down 61% in the last ten years. Only 24 states warrant sex education. Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, are just some of the states that don’t teach sex education. For example, in Florida there are 25 teen pregnancies for every 1,000 girls ages 15-19 in 2014. California has 20 per every 1,000 girls ages 15-19 in the same year (Bullis, R.K Ph.D 2016). Since 1991 there has been a 71% decrease in teen pregnancy in California, and an ever bigger decrease in money spent on teen child bearing by the state. Only 18 states give information on contraception. That translates to 36%. Although school districts vary from state to state, they still have to follow state laws when and if they are taught.
The United States still has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the modern world despite declining rates since surveys began. Teenage mothers are less likely to finish high school and more likely to live in poverty (Department of Behavorial Sciences 2016). One if the scariest things about not teaching sexual education in schools is the fact that some teens will be unaware of the different STD’s and STI’s that can be caught. Young people ages 15-19 represent 25% of the sexually active population but acquire half of all STI and STD which can be translated to 9.8 million cases each year (Department of Behavorial Sciences 2016).
Along with STD’s another hurdle...

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