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Sex Education In High School Essay

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Teen pregnancies and the rate at which young individuals are getting sexually transmitted diseases are increasing daily. If public schools implemented a distribution of condoms, it would promote safe sex, teach responsibility and help lower teen pregnancy rates. Therefore it is my belief that condoms should be distributed in high school. This can also help decrease the amount of teens dealing with issues at a young age. Something more needs to be done in order to prevent high school students from finding out the hard way and the harsh consequences that unsafe sex can bring about. Condom availability can also encourage teens to make a safe decision. High schools should make condoms available in both nursing and guidance counselor offices because they would encourage safe sex, decrease teen pregnancies, and to aid in preventing sexually transmitted diseases amongst the high school population.
Encouraging safe sex –
According to an article in the “National Association of School Psychologists (2002) parents’ wants to be in control of what their teens are learning about sex.”
Many parents and teachers are against teaching sex education to students because they think it should be taught from home and also they believe this will only encourage teenagers to engage in sex. It is said that instead of continuing with the promotion of safe sex, why schools don’t just offer teenagers sex education on abstinence and the importance of abstinence. Some parents believe the most secure option to prevent teen pregnancies and STD's is by abstinence. The question is "why don’t schools start by promoting that?" My answer to that question is because society shows that sex is good, it's pleasurable and acceptable. Teenagers lack the knowledge to make wiser decisions to practice safe sexual activities. They tend to go with what media advertises or turn to their peers with questions. Teaching abstinence only, in my opinion is being ignorant to the fact that society has changed a lot since the early 1900’s. There are now teens having babies at 15 or have contracted some STD before the age of 18. Therefore it is obvious that teens are in this position because of the lack of information provided by either parents and or school officials.
Decreasing Teen Pregnancy –
There is so much to say on teen pregnancies. Our young minded teens today are not being taught by any educated adult whether it is a parent or a teacher how to protect themselves if they choose to be sexual active. They are looking at their friends and talking amongst each other about how cool it is to be pregnant. Recently a group of 17 high school teenage girls in Massachusetts thought it would be amusing to get pregnant at the same time. If these girls were properly educated...

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