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Sex Education Should Be Taught In Middle Schools To Make Our Children Aware And Help Them With Decisions In The Future.

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Sex Education should be taught in middle schools to make our children aware and helpthem with decisions in the future. When children enter middle school many of them are goingthrough adolescent changes. This school district needs to help educate these hormone ragingteens about sex education. Not only will this program teach sex education, it will also give teensthe chance to ask questions and receive help if they are in a sexual situation. District #150 makesup about three quarters the schools in Peoria and if you make room for a sex education programto help your students, many other schools will follow your example. You can help stop teen sexat an early age with guidance. With a sex education program in your curriculum, you will seesuccess in the students lives and notice a change in attitude toward the opposite sex.As you walk down the middle school hallways, you see more young teenage girls that arepregnant. Many of these girls knew the chances of getting pregnant without using a condom, butreally they didn't care. According to Faye Wattleton, "the staggering rates and devastatingconsequences of teen pregnancy in America are well document" (Wattleton 51). It seems clearthat many of the girls are unaware of the results of having unprotected sexual intercourse. Thesegirls and even young men should be given the opportunity to learn about the outcomes of sex.When a teenage girl is making out with her boyfriend and things start to grow intense, most justgo along with sex because they think nothing will happen. With this program you can helpdecrease more than "1,000,000 US teenagers becoming pregnant each year, intentionally"(Donavon 28). Helping find the answer to a problem is a start, but solving the task takes...

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