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Sex Education Should Be Tought In Public Schools

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Sexual education should be compulsory in schoolsSexuality is present throughout the whole life of men and women, but by far the most critical period in which it plays a fundamental role it is in adolescence, in which it flourishes in a higher degree. Youth is marked by the beginning of love relationships, as well as by the different sensations and urges that appear due to hormonal changes, which are absolutely normal at this age. According to the Chilean National Curriculum (Ministerio de Educación, 2001), schools should include the biological constituent of sexuality in their science classes, but what about the emotional and psychological part? Where are these aspects treated? Since ...view middle of the document...

What they know about it comes from what they have experienced, and this knowledge might be linked to lack of information. However, a survey conducted by the Chilean Medical Magazine showed that Chilean teenagers think that parents are responsible for teaching them about sex related issues (Montenegro, 2009). Another survey led by Loreto Salamanca from Santiago University in 2006 reported that 41% of parents think that masturbation produces blindness. 82% of the asked group think that condoms help preventing urinary infections-rather than sexual transmitted diseases, and 25% of respondents think that AIDS can be prevented by washing the genitals after a sexual relation (Salamanca, 2006). Even though children want to get information from their closest relatives, parents are not well prepared to talk about this topic with them, and this highlights the need of providing youngsters with high-quality sexual education.A very important fact is missing: more and more teens these days are engaging into premarital sex (Ceballos, 2009). A study called "STD-AIDS: Chilean Sexual Trends" showed that 58% of Chilean population between 15 and 19 years old is sexually active (Bravo, 1997). There are some people who claim that providing children and adolescents with more information on sex would promote an even earlier start in sexual activity. However, a survey conducted among Chilean youngsters proved this idea to be wrong (Montenegro, 2009). What sexuality classes at school will foster among adolescents is a sense of responsibility when facing sexual encounters, and this will make adolescents think about ways for preventing sexual transmitted diseases and AIDS. For instance, the use of condom will be fostered, thus the number of these diseases will be reduced.Teenage pregnancy and abortion have been very important aspects of all social programs run by the Government. Nowadays, the after-day pill has been the most controversial issue covered by the current presidential candidates' campaigns, as all of them have mentioned the importance of its distribution to eliminate unplanned pregnancies. But what the candidates and the Government have overlooked is that there are not programs to warn adolescents about the dangers of unprotected sex when preventing unplanned pregnancy and abortion. It has been discussed whether students should get instruction in birth control or simply be taught about abstinence, and regarding this, it is thought that teaching youngsters about birth control methods would increase the spread of sexual transmitted diseases. But what is not considered is that school sexual education will prevent teen pregnancies since it will help young people appreciate the negative impact of teenage pregnancy on their education, and consequently on their future, which will make them take...

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