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While our natural sex is selected for us soon after our conception, however, our gender identity is not. Our psychological characteristics, the role we decided to take in society, and even our behaviors shape our gender identity. Whether your true gender identity is learned from those closest to you as a child, or if you decide to change you physical sex to match your gender identity at a point in your life, the expectations of society still play a huge role in shaping how parts of your life are lived.
From the moment sperm and egg meet, many processes begin to happen. Each of these processes are the start of forming all of the parts that make up a human being. Most people wonder if ...view middle of the document...

In stances of Turners Syndrome, the person contains an unmatched X chromosome. When this happens, the individual will have normal external female genitalia but will not have developed internal reproductive organs. Another condition is Klinefelter’s Syndrome in which a person has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome leading to extremely undersized male external genitals.
Contrary to what some believe, our sense of “maleness” or “femaleness” is not selected for us before birth. Studies have shown that social-learning and culture are two of the key things responsible for influencing or gender identity as children. Little girls watching their mothers take care of siblings and housework, coupled with stereotypical toys such as play kitchens and baby dolls begin to coach little girls into believing that child rearing and household domestics are her future “job.” Young boys spend time watching their fathers work on the house or car, work long hours to provide for the house that he “runs”, and participate in sporting events lead them to feel that they are to rule their domains, provide, and enjoy certain things that are considered “manly.”
In addition to parental influence, the cultural expectation generally push certain notions onto individuals. One such example is in the United States, men are perceived as “weak” or “feminine” if they display “too much” emotion, such as crying. In Cambodia, woman are not allowed to voice their opinions or have a say in the heading of their homes and families. Individuals raised in areas with certain expectations will generally fall into those expectancy’s and carry on the cycle of gender identity pushed through social-learning.
On occasion, an individual carries an internal war between what their natural sex and gender identity are telling them. These people now have the option of carrying out a sex reassignment surgery so that they can be the person they feel like on the inside and outside. Through the surgical procedure and hormone therapy a male that identifies as a female can fully become a female while a female that wishes to become a male may also do so. Studies show that as a whole, people that...

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