Sex In The Romance Novel Essay

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”
This is what all romance stories are about, each writer rerunning this idea, moving it to fit into a different time and place, and as our world changes so do our taste in heroes and heroines; possessing a good fortune however doesn’t. But, one of the biggest changes to have occurred in romance writing is the addition of sex, something which in Jane Austin’s day wasn’t thought about, let alone mentioned in a novel.
Today sex is more acceptable, and while we tend to deride pornographic magazines, we have to admit that today’s romance novels often fly a little close to that line. The novels I am looking at all approach sex in different ways, from the hint to the explicit.
Tempting the Negotiator has the most delicate touch off all three; there is a lot of sexual tension, but the description of the act itself is lightly done. The writer uses it as a tool to further the story, rather than the story hanging on the sex. Her characters are allowed to develop in a more natural way and when it does occur it is handled in a discrete way.
“Although she’d never experience and orgasm, she had had enough lovers to know how to set a man’s passion ablaze. Their coupling was incredible. Even better than the night before. She moaned in her pleasure and rode on the crest of his ardour all the way up”
The characters also appear to respect each other, which make the sex scenes less aggressive and possessive than either of the other two novels I am looking at.
In Bride, Bought And Paid For there is a wholly different approach to the sex scenes. The hero Xavier is angry and very possessive and uses sex as a way of controlling Romy. This makes the intimate aspects of this story aggressive, which has little of the respect that was shown in Tempting The Negotiator.
“Like the title of wife is security...

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