"Sex Is Easy To Find. Commitment Is Easy To Avoid. Childlessness Among Well Educated Women Is On The Rise. Relationships Are On The Nose." Discuss Making Families In The New Millennium.

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According to the above statement, I'll try to discuss about the marriage and birth rate become lower and lower; the reproduction technology impact the modern families; the different points of view for the commitment between different people to the family; what reason that the increasing the no. of single people. Changes in the social institution of family are reflected by major changes in society such as urbanization, industrialization, increased access to secondary and tertiary education for females, increased female participation in the labor force, and the appearance of new ideas concerning behavior and social roles for women.Marriage rate is become lower and lower and now it's the lowest point for 100 years. Demographic trends over the past 100 years shows that increase in the median age of marriage for both men and women since 1960, 1950 32% of women age 20-24 had never been married, by 1995 67% of women age 20-24 have never been married, decline marriage rate since 1980, rising divorce rate 1970s, leveling off in 1980s and 1990s, falling birth rate since 1960s. The Australian Bureau of Statistics have presented about the marriage that there will become herald of a new trend. It estimates that, in the future, as many as 40 per cent of us may never marry, that still leaves a majority who probably will. Marriage is still popular, for those who take the plunge enjoy it so much they're increasingly inclined to do it more than once. In 1998, one-third of all marriages were second or subsequent marriages for at least one of the parties. It's not surprised that when you listen to young people talking about their parents' stressful marriages and messy divorces, and then discussing their own aspirations, it's clear the statistics reflect a rethink about the whole idea of marriage.Is it means that falling out of love, or that they've lost the urge to cohabit? It maybe not mean so, the rising generation's strongest commitment is to the idea of postponed commitment, and they've made quite an art form out of keeping their options open, hanging loose, waiting to see what might happen next. They think lives are too long and relationships too complicated for marriage to work in quite the same way it did when life expectancy was lower and gender roles were more clear-cut, young people have made a logical leap to the conclusion that one sure way of avoiding the trauma of a divorce is to skip marriage entirely. The idea of marriage-as-institution is being replaced by marriage as relationship. This changes everything that might once have been tolerated as part of married life from a tiff over money to darker periods of mutual loathing can feel like potentially fatal flaws when the relationship is on permanent trial. In any case, we now marry or avoid marriage for many more reasons than we did in the days when marriage was an acceptable passport to sex, or respectability, or security for women.Besides the changing idea of the young people, the increasing market...

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