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Sexual dysfunctions are problems some people experience which hinders ones ability to have normal sexual intercourse. There are four main categories of sexual dysfunctions: Sexual desire disorders, Arousal disorders, Orgasm disorders and Pain disorders. Sexual desire disorder is basically a low libido/no desire for sex even with a long term parter that you’ve previously had sexual relations with. Arousal disorder is commonly known as erectile dysfunction in which there isn't enough blood flow to the penis to maintain an erection. In females, arousal disorder is lack of vaginal lubrication. Orgasm disorders are the absence or inability to reach an orgasm. Sexual pain disorders are mostly found in women and cause involuntary muscle spasms within the vagina and lack of lubrication which together can cause pain during intercourse. This essay will focus on the sexual dysfunction called premature/rapid ejaculation, which is a a problem that affects men’s control over arousal and leads to very early, uncontrolled ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, a sexual disfunction that affects up to 1/3rd of men is defined as ejaculating sooner than you wish to. If you ejaculate before you intend to and cannot delay ejaculation, you probably suffer from premature ejaculation, an arousal disorder. Premature ejaculation can present itself during masturbation or sexual intercourse and while it can very well occur in both instances, it is most common during sexual intercourse for many reasons. This dysfunction has both biological and psychological factors. There’s a wide range of psychological causes such as stress/anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, and most common, performance anxiety. Performance anxiety comes from the lack of experience, causing mostly young men to look at sex as a stressful activity, always worrying about if they’re doing good enough instead of relaxing and enjoying the pleasurable experience. This anxiety causes ones muscles to tense up and inadvertently causes a male to ejaculate against his will. Some biological causes can include abnormal hormone levels, thyroid problems and even abnormal levels of neurotransmitters.

Master’s and Johnson, famous sex researchers, created a general program based on communication to help treat sexual dysfunctions. They focused on treating the psychological aspects of sexual dysfunctions...

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