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Sex, Love, And Religion In The Miller's Tale, By Chaucer

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What is Pornography? When asked some people might say, “I can not define it, but I know it when I see it.” The word “Pornography” comes from the Greek for writing about prostitutes. Many people concluded that the Miller’s tale was merely a pornographic story that surrounded four people. This also depended on one’s view of pornography. The Miller’s tale was told by the Miller who was not stable at the time. The Miller’s tale focused on two men, Nicholas and Absolon whose goal is to establish a relationship with Alisoun, the attractive adolescent wife of an older carpenter named John. Alisoun on one hand used old-fashioned romantic strategies such as dressing up in lavish clothes and singing. Nicholas on the other hand tricked John into believing that a Noah’s flood was coming, which forced him to spend the night in a tub on the roof while he gets his way with Alisoun. In the dark, Alisoun played a brutal trick on Absolon, who in return became enranged and burned Nicolas’ bottom. As a consequence, John crashed onto the floor and broke his arm. Many have argued the Miller’s tale is simply a pornographic story, but it is not the case. There were many themes that gave this story its meaning and purpose to the reader. These three themes include sex, love, and religion.
It is important to notice that Chaucer meant this story to be comical not serious nor moral. The first definition of porn from Merriam-Webster is the depiction of erotic behavior such as in pictures or writing intended to cause sexual arousal. In this story there were no pictures nor writing to cause sexual arousal. Yes, of course there were bits and pieces of sexual relations and activity, but not the point where it caused sexual arousal. The narrator asked forgiveness from the reader in advance for the tale’s bawdiness and warns those who are unquestionably offended to pass up to another tale. Of course this story does deal with a lot of sexual situations, but Chaucer twisted with humor and bawdy. Therefore, the reader would have a better understanding of the story. The majority of this story surrounded on the subject of sex: who, where, how, and the consequences that go along with it. The age difference between John and Alisoun raised the question to the reader whether John was not pleasing Alisoun’s desires and needs. After all, he was an old man and she was a young female barely 20. Chaucer seemed to infer that humans all have sexual desires and needs to be met, and if one does not get that satisfaction, that person will go in any length to get it. On the other hand, he did not suggest anyone to go out and commit lewd acts. Although this tale dealt with a lot of sexual situations, it also explored the abilities a lover might use to satisfy his desires (John). All humans have desires in which Chaucer wanted to bring out so people could understand.
Furthermore, the two characters who seemed to be in love with Alisoun are John and Absolon. John...

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