Sex Offenders Four Domains Of Criminogenic Needs Assessment

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This essay begins with the introduction of the Risk-Needs-Responsivitiy Model which was developed to assess offending and offer effective rehabilitation and treatment (Andrews & Bonta, 2007). The R-N-R model “remains the only empirically validated guide for criminal justice interventions that aim to help offenders” (Polashek, 2012, p.1) consisting of three principles which are associated with reductions in recidivism of up to 35% (Andrew & Bonta, 2010); risk, need and responsivity. Firstly, the risk principle predicts the offenders risk level of reoffending based on static and dynamic factors, and then matched to the degree of intervention needed. Secondly, the R-N-R targets individual’s criminogenic needs, in relation to dynamic factors. Lastly, the responsivity principle responds to specific responsivity e.g. individual needs and general responsivity; rehabilitation provided on evidence-based programming (Vitopoulous et al, 2012).

This R-N-R model will be used to assess the case of Jamie Wilson, focusing on the assessment of his criminogenic needs in relation to his offence, as changing these dynamic factors can reduce the probability of recidivism (Andrew & Bonta, 2010). Furthermore, this essay will consider the risk and responsivity in regards to Jamie Wilson’s case. Jamie aged 27, has been convicted of a rape of a child and sentenced to eight years custody. The victim aged 12, was approached by Jamie on the way home from school and sexually assaulted. Jamie has no previous convictions of this type; however he has convictions for shop-theft, drinking and driving with no insurance.

The needs principle of the R-N-R consists of four domains of criminogenic needs as discussed below. The first domain deviant sexual interest will be applied to Jamie Wilson. Previous research regarding deviant sexual interest has “established that it is not excessive sexual arousal but the patterns of sexual arousal of deviants that are generally different” (Marshall & Barbaree, 1978, p.295). Although Jamie has been convicted of a child rape, he denied sexual attraction to children and has no prior rape convictions, suggesting that Jamie has no specific deviant interest in children. It would be suggested to investigate this further due to committing a sexual act on a child. A direct physiological measurement such as a penile plethysmograph could be applied to assess if Jamie has any sexual deviant arousal. However, only a minority of offenders demonstrate sexual arousal when being measured by a PPG (Worling, 2012). It could be beneficial to use a viewing time measurement such as Abel Assessment due to internal consistency and greater validity (Worling, 2012). However, even though Worling (2012) discusses the benefits of VT, he found that these measurements could not differentiate sexual offenders with female child victims from other victim groups (Worling, 2006). Therefore, this could be problematic when assessing if Jamie Wilson has deviant sexual...

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