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Sex On Teenage Years Essay

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Teenagers that have entered to puberty are exploring their sexuality and it can be a confusing time. About 70% of boys and about 50% of girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen had sex already. To have sex during teenage years bring three serious consequences, such as teen pregnancy, venereal diseases, and low self-esteem. First of all, when a teenager is pregnant, begins to confront a new life. A pregnant girl have to private herself of go to parties or go out with her friends on weekends like any other normal girl do. Also, she will feel different and will live different experiences than her friends because her body will suffer changes, such as her skin, her hair, and her emotional stability. Moreover, she has to begin to work full time because with a child her expenses will increase, for example in her budget she will need to consider the milk, pampers, special food, cloths, and medical assistant for her and ...view middle of the document...

Second, venereal diseases are other grave consequence to teenagers who begins a sexual activity at early years. Some of these diseases are HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Gonorrhea is a disease that is curable and is sexually transmitted by a bacterium called neisseria gonorrhoeae , and it can infect the mouth, genital tract, and the rectum. This disease has a cure, but it needs to get treated early because it may become in HIV. Syphilis is also sexually transmitted, and it is caused by a bacterium called treponema palidum. Moreover, a woman pregnant that has Syphilis, the baby can be born with a mental or physical problem. HIV is one of the most complicated diseases because it doesn't have a cure. It is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, also a baby of a woman pregnant born with HIV. All of these diseases affect to humanity and for that reason, teenagers have to acquire knowledge in sexual education. The third consequence of have sex on teenage years is that teenagers may have suffer of low self-esteem. A teenager that begins a sexual activity earlier can feel used because during this age a person doesn't have the enough maturity to establish a serious relationship. Therefore, teenagers begin to have different partners during her life. Moreover, they can destroy the concept of sex; it becomes more in a pleasure than in a demonstration of love. Then, they want to experience different activities to increase that pleasure, that really increase with love and respect in a relationship. Also, to choose the person of their life will be more difficult for the reason that if they have different partners they will be unstable people. And instability affects not only their personal life, it also affect their behaviors in their jobs and their professional life because they feel insecurity to determine any decision. Self-esteem is very important in the development of life and to have sex during adolescence may destroy this. Finally, people that have sex on teenage years would have to confront teen pregnancy, venereal disease, and low self-esteem. Because all of these consequences, people should decide to have sex when they have the enough sexual education and the responsibility of their self.

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