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Sex Sells, So Why Not Be Sold?

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It is said that Prostitution is wrong because the prostitute sells his or her body. This is no different from professional athletes, they are selling their bodies. Models, sperm donors, and actors all legally & consensually sell their bodies in return for a profit. Every year a prostitute is raped 19 times, kidnapped 10 times, and beaten repeatedly; yet, the prostitute is still considered the criminal. Prostitution should be decriminalized because the labor chore of prostitution is a form of work, Regulated prostitution is safer for the prostitute and their client, and people have the right of personal choice of selling their body.
Sex work is not a problem; abuse, non-reportable violence, and denial of recognition as a worker are. Prostitutes, despite recognition, are employed workers. In a social aspect, prostitution has been seen as “morally wrong”, but, a person’s choices are not to be shaped by society’s viewpoint. It would seem that decriminalization should be a key point in any humanistic feminist perspective on prostitution. “Every woman's choices should be legally and socially respected whether a given woman chooses to be a wife, a CEO, or a prostitute” (Coyne 2). Prostitutes are capable of achieving a more socially acceptable career; the fact that they are prostitutes does not mean that they do not deserve equality as legal employees.

Prostitution, which has records that date more than 7,000 years ago, has been deemed as the world’s oldest profession. With murder rates at 204 out of 100,000, it has also been deemed the world’s most dangerous profession. Prostitutes undergo a constant fear of violence every time they decide to work. This is because of the legal status. Prostitutes, and unfortunately the client, are both highly aware of the illegality of what they are doing; which often gives the client a chance to harm the prostitute. People who buy sex are likely to have a complete disregard for the well-being of the prostitute; often raping, beating, or murdering them. "There is no doubt that deadly violence against sex workers is a recurring social pattern. Nor is there any doubt that serial killers know sex workers are afraid to seek protection from police; or that the public believe violence is part of a prostitute's job description. Until prostitution is legalized, these women will continue to toil down on the ocean floor, miles away from the light, in constant fear of predators." (Mariano 3) The violence and crimes committed against prostitutes will continue and increase until there are set laws that will make prostitution a legal profession.
Not only are the prostitutes getting abused, but they are afraid to contact police for help. “Prostitutes avoid reporting serious crimes committed against them to the police for fear of being prosecuted themselves. This makes them easy prey for predators looking for vulnerable targets whose absences are less likely to be noticed or investigated.” (Mann 6). These victims of abuse are not...

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