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Sex Through Time Essay

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Although sex is not a central theme in Slaughter House Five, Kurt Vonnegut does not hesitate to integrate sexual content into his story. He is able to demonstrate his belief of how sex is perceived before and after the World Wars, showing how much the destruction of war has changed the modern world.
In Slaughter House Five, sex is the only real pleasure and happiness Billy Pilgrim receives with the exception of the end of the Dresden Bombing. In chapter five, on Billy’s wedding night, he impregnates his newlywed wife Valencia, a rare, semi-pleasurable moment for Billy. “…Billy was on top of Valencia, making love to her… Billy made a noise like a small, rusty hinge. He had just emptied his seminal vesicles into Valencia, had contributed his share of the Green Beret.” (118) Also in chapter five, while Billy is on Tralfamadore, he has another sensual moment, but this time he is truly delighted. The Tralfamadorians kidnap porn-star, Montana Wildhack, and bring her to the Tralfamadorian zoo where Billy is being kept, in order to mate with him.
“In time, Montana came to love and trust Billy Pilgrim. He did not touch her until she made it clear that she wanted him to. After she had been on Tralfamadore for what would have been an Earthling week, she asked him shyly if he wouldn’t sleep with her. Which he did. It was heavenly.” (133)
Vonnegut gives Billy these two moments to show that during the ugliness of the war, the only satisfaction one can possibly posses is sexual.
Ronald Weary, a character introduced in chapter two, is an eight-teen year old American soldier a part of Billy’s small group of wanderers. Weary is furnished with many different pieces of equipment, supplies, and other small knick-knacks, including a picture of a woman attempting to have sexual intercourse with a Shetland pony. Here is the description of the picture and its history:
“The woman and the pony were posed before velvet draperies...

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