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Victims Of Trafficking Protection Act Essay

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A significant feature to the VTVPA is that the United States will penalize countries if they do not comply with the VTVPA (Holman, 2009). This is an imperative feature and I think that it should be implemented throughout every single piece of legislation that deals with trafficking. Countries should be held accountable if they do not comply. The only way that sex trafficking can be officially over is if every single country complies with all the legislation. The United States looks at six different factors when deciding if they have met the criteria for eliminating trafficking. The United States looks at whether the country has investigated and prosecuted severe forms of trafficking, if they protected the victims, educated the public, extradite people who have been accused, and investigate and prosecute public officials (Holman, 2009).
Holman (2009) talks about how the United States also created a Tier system. This tier system has three different sections based on what countries are complying with the VTVPA or not. Tier 1 holds the list of countries that are fully complying with the VTVPA. Tier 2 are countries that have not fully complied with the VTVPA however, they are making efforts to reach Tier 1. Lastly, Tier 3 countries do not comply with the VTVPA and are not making any significant efforts in doing so. These countries are at risk for losing funds from the United States. Another critical part to this law is that victims are allowed a T-Visa. The T-Visa allows for the victims to stay in the United States and assist the government with the prosecution. The T-Visa is used to give the victims a place to feel safe also. (Lagon, 2008-2009)
According to Fraley (2005), 1 million children are forced each year into prostitution. Since the number is so high, the United States enacted the Prosecuting Remedies and Tools Against the Exploitation of Children Today Act of 2003,' (the "PROTECT Act"). The PROTECT Act updated legislation and made it illegal to participate in child sex tourism (Fraley, 2005). The PROTECT Act updated the Sex Tourism Prohibition Improvement Act of 2002 (Fraley, 2005). The STPIA criminalized the actions of sex tour operators (Fraley, 2005). Fraley (2005) says that the PROTECT Act increased the time served for the traffickers. Under the PROTECT Act also came operation predator (Fraley, 2005). Operation Predator allows for increased chances that those who smuggle children for the purpose of prostitution will be investigated and prosecuted. (Fraley, 2005). Operation Predator is an important feature because it allows for training within the law enforcement field. Law enforcement can pick up on the signs of a child in trouble. Also Operation Predator could one day assist in the location of adults who are being smuggled into the country or across borders.
In some cases, statistics make it seem that sex trafficking is on the rise and in other cases it seems that sex trafficking is declining. You are probably wondering how there...

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