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Sex Trafficking In India Essay

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An article released by the BBC entitled “Horrors of India’s Brothels Documented” brought this shocking global issue to my attention. The article provides information about a young Indian girl who was only 11 when she was sold into sex slavery by her neighbor (who had persuaded her family to let her go with him to Mumbai); she was taken from her impoverished village in West Bangel. Brutally raped the first night she arrived in a brothel, Guddi is only one of 20,000 sex workers in that specific area [Kamathipura] (2013). The article elaborates on the history of sex slavery in India. It points out that laws have recently been put into place against human trafficking. However, the laws are not being strongly enforced due to the sheer number of the cases. Human trafficking is like a plague that is spread throughout the world, and India is one of the hardest hit places. This paper will elaborate on the reasons this condition exists in India, and explain the connections that India has with the rest of the world that stem from this issue.
According to a special article published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics:

The largest number of sex trafficking victims originates in Asia, with an estimated 150,000 annually from South Asia alone. India is a major destination country for sex trafficked women and girls, with large numbers of Nepalese, Bangladeshi, and rural Indian females trafficked to Indian cities annually. Mumbai is considered to be the most common sex trafficking destination within India (Silverman, Decker, Gupta, Maheshwari, Patel, Willis & Raj, 2007).

Why are Indian women and children so venerable to this condition? Evidence suggests that colonialism, high population, intents poverty, low educational attainment, and gender inequity all play a role in the severity of this condition in India.
Human Trafficking is not a 21st century development in India. During British colonialism the British military created brothels for its troops. Girls and women were taken from poor families in rural areas to satisfy the needs of the troops in Mumbai and Calcutta. There is a direct relationship to the areas of India that were ruled by the British in the 1900’s and the areas that are now most impacted by human trafficking. Upon analyses of figure 12.28 on page 412 of the textbook Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World this correlation can be seen. The deep rooted historical acceptance of human trafficking is only one factor that exacerbates this condition in India; a staggering population is also a contributing factor when it comes to the continuing problem of human trafficking.
India is home to 1.2 billion people (Rowntree, Lewis, Price & Wyckoff, 2013). Some of the highest concentrations of people are in the cities of Mumbai and Calcutta (refer to figure 12.9 page 400 of the textbook). The number of people in these cities makes it extremely difficult for authorities to enforce anti-trafficking laws; many...

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