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Sexism And Stereotypes Essay

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You are at an interview, the interviewer says that you are not qualified for the job because of your gender. What would you say? Sexism has caused stereotypes, and harassment in the workforce, and professional sports, therefore people should know more about sexism. Media is a powerful tool of communication, it produces both negative and positive impacts on society.

Sexism is a major factor in the workforce.Today male and female have a hard time breaking into the opposite gender dominated fields. This has happened because of the media, it has showed us that male have certain “right” jobs, as well as female. Female still dominate traditional female professions like cosmetology jobs are ...view middle of the document...

Claudia Goldin, a Harvard University labor economist (Miller). Take doctors and surgeons. Women earn 71 percent of men’s wages. Women who are financial specialists make 66 percent of what men in the same occupation earn(Miller). It comes down to a personal opinion, if you believe women get paid less because of gender, or women picking low-wage jobs. Either way women are still getting paid less.

Another sexist thing that happens today, is that women do not get enough airtime for sports they play. Women also don’t have even playing field to be on professional sports teams. A study looked at three weeks of ESPN's "SportsCenter" and six weeks of TV stations in LA and found that 96.3 percent of the shows' airtime was taken up by men's sports while only 1.6 percent of the shows were women's sport (Bowen). Women don’t get close to as much airtime as men do. We stereotype that men play sports better than women, because the media and society don’t give women a chance to play and be seen.

Today there are a lot of stereotypes. Women are often stereotyped that they are supposed to cook, do housework and be responsible for raising children.Women do not have technical skills and are not good at "hands on" projects such as car repairs (Brewer). These are just a few stereotypes that affect a woman's life every day. Men are stereotyped too. They are often stereotyped that they play sports, enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. Men are in charge; they are always at the top (Brewer). Stereotypes occur all around us. Especially in the media. Alot of times we let stereotypes control who are , what we do and don’t. Our gender comes with who we are, but it does...

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