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Sexism And The City Essay

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The city serves as a home to all the voyeurs, vagabonds and flaneurs that the world has to offer. The city is inviting to all people from all walks of life, it says “Come in, grab a seat and while you’re at it observe all the beauty that is around you.” It comes as no surprise that when walking through the complex streets and alley ways of the city you are under constant surveillance from all; whether it be the advertisement models on the billboards or the people on the second floor of the TGIFriday’s across the street. As a city walker, you find yourself in the gaze of others and at times those others even attract your gaze as well. While there might not be any real harm in simply looking someone’s way, a gaze can be a very dangerous thing to be caught in if you are a woman. Much like our American media, the city is saturated in catering to the male gaze. This means objectifying and subjecting woman into lesser roles under men. The male gaze can lead to dangerous situations for a woman on her own in the city and although many people argue that sexism no longer exists in our world, or the world of New York City I can assure you that it still permeates our society in ways we simply deem “human nature.” Sexism has become so common in our society that people hardly even notice it at all. Whether it take the form of cat calling specific gender roles, sexism has become a major problem in our world and, more importantly, the city.
Imagine for a moment that you are a woman getting ready to go out for a night out on the town with your friends. As a normal human being, you probably want to dress up a little for yourself and perhaps you want to show off that nice new dress you just bought. Clothes can become magical and give anyone a good boost of confidence when they need it. So why have clothes become the scape goat when it comes to rape of women? In any case of rape there is always an argument about what the woman in question was wearing. If the woman was wearing something “showy” or a lot of skin, many people argue that this woman was “asking for it”. The woman is called an attention seeker and basically putting the blame on the woman for provoking the man. Not only does this not make sense since it’s a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants, it also makes men out to be nothing more than sexually driven animals that can’t help themselves around women. Many women make wardrobe choices based around this idea, thinking that if they show off a little skin they will be deemed as “slutty” or be ogled and called at uncomfortably by men when they leave the safety of their homes. A woman in the city cannot simply wear whatever she wants to without societal repercussions.
Feminism does not mean women are better than men; it is the idea that men and women are equal. However in our society feminism is considered a taboo word. To outwardly express that one is a feminist can make you or break you depending on what part of the city you are in. If you find...

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