Sexism In Schools Essay

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Sexism in Schools

When you send your children off in the morning to go to school, no matter what grade they are in whither it be elementary, junior high, or senior high, you expect that they will receive the best education that they can get. They should be asked challenging questions, encouraged and called upon to participate in class, they should also be given as much help as they need to secede by the teacher. However, this is most commonly not the case. Parents and the children themselves are unaware of what is going on because gender bias is not a noisy problem. Most people are unaware of the secret sexist lessons that occur every day in classrooms across the country. In this essay I will use two essay's from the reader: Failing at Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls written by Myra and David Sadker, and Tracking by Mary Kennedy Carter. I will also use my own personal experiences and the experiences of my parents and what it was like when they went through school. Do people realize the underlings of the education system or because the children are so young that they don't really notice it or think anything of it.
In the article written by Myra and David Sadker they say, "Female students are more likely to be invisible members of classrooms. Teachers interact with males more frequently, ask them better questions, and give them more precise and helpful feedback." (556) Based on some of my own experiences and the experiences of my parents I fell that this statement is true in many ways. I can remember many times when Mrs. Lee, my forth grade teacher, would favor the male students in my class. She would call on them to do different tasks around the classroom to help make her job easier. One time she needed help passing out some papers and a female student volunteered to pass them out for her but instead the teacher asked a male student who was known as "the teachers pet" to pass out the papers instead of the female student. This didn't make the female student very happy because she was trying to get more involved in the class but the teacher wasn't allowing her too. She was the type of student that would just sit back and listen and not participate in any class activities. She realized that she wasn't getting anything out of the class and she wasn't learning very much, so she decided that she would try and get more involved so that she would actually start learning something in the class. This wasn't the only time that she tried to get involved in the class and was turned aside for a male student.
I can remember another time in forth grade when the same female student wanted to participate and get involved in what we were doing. We were going over the homework that we had done the night before and the teacher was asking the class to participate by telling her the answers. She had the majority of the answers and she raised her had to participate almost every time. The teacher only called on her one time and that...

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