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Sexism In Sports Essay

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Sexism has played its part in many different work environments for quite some time. It especially raises big conversation, and an ongoing problem in the sports industry. Not only does it affect the women who work in the industry, but also homosexuals, and minorities. For so long sexism has been a topic of discussion, but no real attempts at change have been made. If there was more protection for woman and players who work in sports, it could help to get women more involved in the field, establish rules that will protect people from sexism, and diminish some of the controversy between the two opposing sexes.
Something in men tells them that they are men. It’s their ability to play, watch, and analyze sports. Something about watching other men throw and pass a ball around makes them feel masculine. Something about sports makes them feel superior to women. If men feel like women are beginning to overpower them in the one thing that makes them “Men”, they begin to try and limit the amount of power that women have in sports. Not only do the men on the corporate sides of sports try and limit women’s involvement, but players as well. Many players have often said that they would rather have a male for a coach than a female.
In Mariah Burton Nelsons interview with Cheryl Lavin about her book “The Stronger Women Get the More Men Love Football” she says “I’d like to see women get into positions of power in men’s sports the way men are in positions of power in women sports.
In the Woman’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) there are only 3 female coaches to the 14 male coaches. Even though some of the first championship basketball games were coached by women, men have still seemed to find a way to put the women coaches on the side. A way of regaining power? If men could put their masculine ways aside, maybe both sexes could find some common ground. Without women having to worry about being compared to the standards of a male coach, they would be able to pave their own way in the league of sports.
Respect starts at a young age. Growing up believing that sports is a man’s world, young boys develop into Men believing that same exact thing. In Mariah Burton’s Interview with Cheryl Lavin she also says,
“If young boys began to see women in a leadership position in sports, which are so revered in this culture, they would begin to treat them with more respect”
Continuing to brain wash the young men today with the “sports is a mans world” mentality only helps to repeat the cycle of nearly oppressing women in the industry. It keeps men feeling secure when it comes to their masculinity, yet making a woman’s fight for respect a never ending struggle.
What sense of pride do Americans get from belittling one another. Something that may never clearly be understood. As humans, people often get confused when the term sexism is used. Almost instantly the word is used in the context of men thinking they are superior to women. It is forgotten at times that the word...

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