Sexism In The Minds Of The Youth

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Since their early beginnings the video game industry has given distorted images of people both physically and psychologically. Both men and women have been heavily impacted by their ridiculous body images of both men and women. The impact that video games are having on its users starts as young as 10 when most kids start to play video games. This number has declined about 7 years( Luke Plunnet Kotaku) Although they seem meaningless and just part of the story, components of video games can actually have a lasting effect on the minds of children leaving the future generation to be one thats racist and disrespectful to women.
As males are projected as the male badass heroes of the universe it causes women to be in their constant shadows or even worse in their pants at all times. The problem with being in the spotlight forever is the fact that not only our egos grow to massive sizes but also it impacts how we see ourselves as men. Women for a long time have been in the shadow of men, be it the ability to vote or own land women have always been behind men even in modern times. An alarming thought that should be taken into consideration is the fact that future generations are being exposed to the idea that women are meant to be in our shadows as early as ages 10 when most parents succumb to their childrens want for video games. Future generations are quickly learning from what they see on the media and what they see on television, the idea that women are always in second place and that men are superior. Some games do feature women in large lead roles and positions of power such as cortana in the halo series.(Carol Pinchefsky Forbes) Cortana has grown to be the most influential piece of the halo series without her the game falls apart and our hero master chief would surely perish without her intelligence. Some might argue that this shows that women can be lead roles that impact games, which is true to a certain degree until you start to look at the bigger picture of women in games such as cortana. They're practically useless without none other than the male protagonist, cortana is a powerful weapon against the alien menace that threatens earth, the only exception is that she has to be with Master chief also known as the Y chromosome. Along with all other females in the halo series they are seen as powerful warriors leaders and brave in the face of danger, and you guessed it only when they are alongside their male counterparts. Another example of females under the iron curtain of males is seen the newest game to come to PS3: The Last of Us. Theatrical, extravagant and sexist are three words that i would use to describe this game. From the very beginning of this game its clear to see that all the women of this game will be under constant fear or cowering pitifully behind a man. The game starts off with a young teenage girl and her father Joel the main protagonist, sarah is in a constant state of fear and sadness meanwhile Joel is somehow unflinched by...

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