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Sexual Abuse Cases In The Courts

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A "Young girl" grew up holding in a secret she always thought to be her fault. She was innocent, but the act led her to believe that she was at fault. She was sexually molested for a majority of her childhood, she never told a soul until she was fifteen and told her boyfriend. She told her boyfriend because she had fear of her boyfriend not understanding why she was so protective of her body and so scared of being touched by him. A couple of years later she ends up telling her parents of her sexual abuse. The "young girl's" parents wanted something to be done, but there was one problem. The person that sexually molested the "young girl" had died years ago. What is she to do? Nothing! The "young girl" was fortunate enough to have a good soul to forgive and that was enough justice for her in this case. The parents never made any report or never even brought it up again. So this could be considered a self solved case, but what about the many more cases of sexual abuse that occur? Many people may not even know what sexual abuse actually consists of. Child sexual abuse is contact with a child where the child is being used for sexual stimulation by the other person. Sexual abuse may also occur between children as in the case of the "young girl". This sexual activity can include obscene phone call, fondling, exposure, pornography, prostitution or rape. A national study conducted in 1990 showed that approximately 27% of girls and 16% ofIn the state of Texas, all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect must be reported to child protective services and/ or the local police department. Law enforcement agencies are obligated to investigate reported cases of a child abuse and to submit a report to the district attorney's office. Criminal prosecution in cases of sexual abuse is more common than physical abuse. Once police do an investigation, an arrest occurs or a warrant is put out. A child often tends to fail to report because of fear of the consequences and being victimized again. Also victims may be embarrassed or reluctant to answer questions about the sexual activity. Another reason as to why a child may not report is because of the fear of not being believed. When a child is questioned on their competency, there are two questions to be answered: Can the witness communicate with the court and does the witness understand the duty to telling the truth. With the handling of the juveniles that are brought into a case, there is a caution of secondary victimization. As a juvenile, they also have rights for protection. There are various ways for examining the child witness. The various ways are closed-circuit television and video taped disposition and statements. According to the text, "Child Abuse and Legal Systems," it states that thirty-two states allow child witnesses to testify via closed-circuit television to the court and jury. An example is the Code of Virginia, which allows child...

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