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Sexual Attitudes And Behaviors Essay

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African culture perceptions on sexual activity are negatively viewed because of Western views in Americans. How can one judge the basis of someone else’s culture? What’s considered morally right or wrong to them may go against everything Africans has ever believed in. Acceptable sexual attitudes and behaviors are a direct correlation of norms within the culture.

According to Lawoyin and Kanthula (2010) unsafe sexual behaviors are the norm on South Africa. There is an awareness of certain risk factors such as unwanted pregnancy or sexuality transmitted diseases, but traditions contribute largely to unhealthy decisions made by both male and females. Although Americans perceive such ...view middle of the document...

McKenzie (2011) argues the traditional roles of genders influence sexual behaviors. Suggesting males hold authoritative power, whereas women are to be submissive nurtures (Para 1). In a sense males take advantage of women however they deem necessary. Cultural values oftentimes lead to domestic violence and abuse on women (Mukanga, 2011, pg. 1). A normative behavior in African culture is corrective rape. Such act is used to correct illegal action of lesbianism, believed to be best way to force females back into their appropriate gender roles. The idea of women intentionally seeking comfort in other women is a sign of disrespect towards men, thus should be punished (Hajarelfatihi, 2011, Para. 3).

Acceptance of this response in behavior shows inequality in the rights of women. Women without a voice, limited to two options, accept cultural norms or suffer for their freedom. Americans perception of rape is not justified, and is punishable by law. Such crime is considered selfish, and viscous. Women have the right to stand up for themselves, and maintain their dignity and respect regardless of who they love.

Such differences...

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