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Sexual Behaviors And The Diagnosis Of Paraphilia

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Sexuality is a constant, perpetual state in which we are all engaging. When we wake up in the morning we consider how we can make ourselves more appealing to others through our dress, hair, makeup and even scent. We are constantly looking for our ‘perfect’ mate. When we find them we often have common interests, opinions, hobbies, and sexual preferences. When you are with your partner could it cause you to perceive that others are engaging in the same behavior as you? Have you ever considered what is actually the ‘normal’ behavior for someone your age and gender? I will explain some of the theories currently available for behaviors and explore a new relationship between the false consensus effect and perception of other’s sexual activity. Currently there is boundless research on both sexual activities and the false consensus effect, but there is a lack of data relating the two. Through this research I hope to provide a correlation between the frequency and activities participated in and the perception of other’s activities.
When we enter into the world we do not get to pick our first social group, our family. Our family is our first exposure to what is expected of us from society. We are taught how to behave and how to interact and learn how to behave in public. It has been theorized that most children will have developed a sense of self-control that will remain stable for their entire lives by the time that they are seven to eight years old (Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990).
If children have not developed a good level of self-control they are susceptible to live a life of crime and partake in other socially unacceptable behavior. They are often focused on the immediate pleasure and don’t consider the risks or harm that could come from it. The present feelings of impulsivity and lack of forethought can lead to extremely risky behavior. When referring to sexual behavior this could provide some amount of explanation for the risky activities we see in some individuals. If only living in the moment you may allow someone to cut you, choke you, or degrade you with little consideration of the potential for harm or consequences in the future. According to Gottfredson and Hirschi (1990), if you are involved in one deviant behavior the likelihood is much higher that you will be involved in other acts as well. Because of this, engaging in one behavior means that someone will likely be involved in many other activities centered on the initial activity. Through these activities someone will most likely meet others that are interested in the same things which will bring us to our second social group, our friends.
Interaction among friends could lend influence to someone’s interest in atypical sexual behaviors. There are norms that are unspoken among groups of friends. You are often around people who share similar ideas as your own, similar hobbies, and often other friends as well. If you are exposed to others regularly engaging in a behavior, it...

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