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Sexual Discrimination At The United States Air Force Academy

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The following paper will analyze the United States Air Force's policy prohibiting discrimination in the workplace. Specifically looking at the most prevalent discrimination issue the Air Force currently is targeting, sexual discrimination at the United States Air Force Academy. I will include a discussion of strengths and weakness of the existing policy and make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the policy and the overall organizational implementation.Princeton, Harvard, Yale, when you think of elite schools of higher education, these those names that stand out in your mind. However, there another university, although not included in the Ivy League, that is an elite institution of higher education. I am speaking of the United States Air Force Academy. According to the U.S. News and World Report, it ranked the Air Force Academy sixth in the nation, when the magazine released its America's Best Colleges 2004 edition (Academy 1).The Air Force Academy has been educating future commissioned officers of the United States Air Force since 1955, the first women cadet entered the Academy in 1976 and have been graduating since 1980. In total, 36,010 cadets from 44 classes have received diplomas and commissions from the institution, including 2,921 women. On the surface the statistics sound solid, however, internally the institution is crumbling. A major shift in the leadership is occurring at this institution. One of the nation's elite institutions has turned opportunity into a nightmare for many women who enrolled in the Academy to serve their country. The entire Air Force is ashamed at what has happened there, and should be held responsible for fostering the climate that allowed it (Knight 1).What could be the problem at such an elite institution? Women are and have been the victims of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment so severe, it culminated in sexual assaults. According to the Air Force, Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. Since 1993, there have been 142 allegations of sexual assault. According to a recent report by the Defense Department Inspector General's office, "Nearly 70 percent of female cadets at the Air Force Academy experienced sexual harassment, nearly 19 percent were the victims of sexual assaults, and 7 percent were raped (Chatterjee 1). Can you recall media stories concerning some form of sex discrimination being leaked to the media involving the Academy? Not only have cadets been involved in sexual assaults, there are allegations of other illicit activities such as illegal drugs, underage drinking, and distribution of electronic pornography. These types of statistics tell me, the climate that fosters sex discrimination, also provides a breeding ground for other illicit activity.This organization is a prime example for sex discrimination policy enforcement. The wagons were circled around the Academy, the Air Force and Capital Hill knew enforcement was required. The ongoing sexual assaults at the Academy...

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