Sexual Encounters And The Church Composition Research Paper

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Unmasking sex and the naked truth
For many centuries there has been a constant battle within the church itself and sinners living out in the world. A search for unambiguous answers to the sexual lusts and frustrations of many have been sufficed with scriptures and doctrine of damnation to God's wrath against those who commit sexual sin. From the time Adam and Eve were created in the bible and sex was cultivated, the ideology and theology of sex began to give a discontentment of sexuality. We must dig deep at the core of the problem in order to find valid remedies to sex within the church. Sex and its core principles vary from house to house, church to church, and denomination to denomination. The church was meant for there to be one body, many members, but one voice. The church have evolved into a system of many bodies and many voices speaking to their own beats.
Have the church constructed a false idealism of sex to conform to its shortcomings? Is what the minister preaching about sex and sex education the replete and unaltered truth? What advancements have the church made to educate their members to the full extent of sexual health related topics without throwing religion and scripture in their face? Finally, is the church scared of sex? There are many questions that have left many faithful church goers in the dark about the masked authenticities of sex and its teachings inside of the church through the ministers. Church teachings hold a common controversy when it comes to the blame game and sin. Through limited research I will attempt to answer a few of them.
Due to the unanswered questions many have had for a long time concerning sex and its education in the church I have came to the conclusion that there must be some type of underlying shortcoming or shortcomings from the pulpit. Some pastors might not have a direct plan on how they should execute speaking about sexual related topics in church or how they should construct seminars and lessons to educate (Drie, A. Van). This driving force of curiosity and fear of messing up or going too deep into conversation causes some ministers to keep quiet about these topics which in return can place their members at a standstill and hinderance in knowledge related to sexualality. By ministers allowing this to happen without themselves seeking answers and guidance for their congregants it allows for a door to be open in which the hard core reality of society and culture to evangelize to the church (enslaves). Thus, provoking a false idealism of sex to the church's members. Sex is not only a struggle for unmarried couples, but also married couples. Either way could be the case with the minister in charge. He or she could be having a wrestle with the sexual frustrations and lusts of sex causing the host not to want to touch below the surface of sexual education in their churches. Pastors are human just as their members and are not exempt from the same sexual impurities that anyone else would...

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