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Sexual Harassment Among Canadian Women, Black And White

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Name: Aboaba Bolanle
Course: WGST 170-007
Instructor: Brendan Muckian
Project: Rape and Rape Culture
Date: 04/03/2014
1) What are the main ideas and/or issues of the article as it relates to the chosen topic?

Welsh et al. (2006) used data from the research focus groups of Canadian women to discuss the issue of sexual harassment among Canadian women and how the white Canadian women, who are mostly heterosexual, define sexual harassment and rape (objective) versus how the women of color define their experience of rape and sexual harassment in workplace (subjective). According to Welsh et al. (2006), he discussed how race, gender and citizenship are important factors in how Women of color with and without citizenship right define sexual harassment and rape. Sometimes as race and sometimes sees it as an experience they will pass through at some point or the other in their lives and most times they failed to report because of their legal statues, fear, pity, guilt, love, ignorance, lack of education. He also discussed how they fail to pay attention to the interlocking aspect of race and citizenship and how the legal system failed to give as much attention to the few reported case of rape by women of color because of their passed sexual history. While on the other hand, the white Canadian Woman defines her experience of rape and harassment not as a race but as what the author failed to discuss. The white Canadian woman knows when the boundary is crossed and most times do not contemplate to express her legal rights.

2) Based on the reading from your textbook, what makes these ideas and/or issues so important to understand?

Textual harassment has been one of the major prevailing forms of violence in the present day society. Both males and females are prone to be victims but females are more susceptible to be targets probably this could be as a result of how the media and the society defines our gender roles. George (2010) discusses how the fast jet age and advances in technology has increased people’s vulnerability especially college girls and married women to becoming victims of sexual harassment and rape through textual harassment from stalkers and jealous boyfriends and lovers. Textual harassment through the social networking media such as Facebook and e-mail, contribute to abuse in relationships. From one of the cases narrated in the text, a father of a sexual harassment victim, Cuccia, says that the freedom and private nature of texting causes more harm than good. This is so important to study because in this new technology age, teenagers are able to secretly keep their pains, feelings and emotions away from people who could advice them about their relationship issues. Most victims of textual harassment were never sensitive enough to see or report the warning signs because of their relationship with the person. For this reason, more awareness needs to be created especially among teenage girls and college students, of the warning signs of...

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