Sexual Harassment & Discrimination In The Workplac

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In 1958, California Credit Life Insurance Group was incorporated in Los Angeles. CCLI?s initial product included all types of life insurance. Since its inception, CCLI has expanded its product line to include all types of insurance such as health, automobile, professional liability, pension and retirement programs, commercial packages, and related financial services. CCLI has 15 regional offices and 230 sales representatives. Area sales mangers typically supervise 15 people, a large number but manageable given the nature of the selling job. The sales reps work independently and do not need day-to-day supervision or contact with their area sales managers.Area sales managers have hiring authority and can set base salaries with approval from CCLI. During the course of a year, each employee receives two performance evaluations. The performance is also based on meeting their quotas, which are set by the area sales manager based on guidelines handed down from Vice President of Sales, and negotiations between the area sales manager and each sales rep. Area sales managers can recognize excellent performance by increasing the base salary and modifying a sales rep?s territory to cover better accounts. Sales reps receive a 3% commission on sales in addition to base salaries. The area sales manager based on sales reps performance distributes yearly bonuses. Promotional opportunities are limited, and turnover among the area sales managers has been very low.1991, CCLI decided to open an office in the southeastern area of the United States ?as soon as all staffing and physical details could be resolved.? The southeastern region became reality in 1995, with James Bradford selected to be area sales manager. Bradford had been sales rep in the Dallas region and had been selected for the new position based on his excellent sales performance and his strong interpersonal skills. Soon after, it became apparent that Bradford did not wholeheartedly support CCLI?s position concerning equal opportunity. In fact, it became necessary to instruct Bradford that one-third of his sales force would be female, a figure in line with CCLI?s experience in its other regional offices.Suzette Renoldi, a sales representative from the Southeastern Region, filed a sexual discrimination suit against James Bradford and CCLI. Renoldi asked for territory changes so that her sales opportunities would be greater, (Renoldi's initial sales performance was strong and made quota each yr, except for the last two yrs.) a request that Bradford denied. Bradford allegedly told Renoldi that her unwillingness to entertain clients, especially males, was the reason her sale had fallen off and not because of a lack of sales potential. Renoldi refuted this accusation and claims Bradford?s territory assignment was discriminatory from the start. This was not the first complaint of sexual discrimination charges brought against Bradford. In 1997, Ilse Riebolt, based on the description of the events had every...

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Essay

2409 words - 10 pages ? and ?unreasonable?? These open-ended questions leave vagueness in the court system. Employees should not feel as if they cannot talk about sex in the workplace at all. Someone can still comment on how nice someone looks or tell a sexual joke. The Supreme Court allows for sexual talk up until an employee is discriminated against. The key ingredient of sexual harassment is some form of sexual content and discrimination. This is unfair

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

2367 words - 9 pages the Department of Fair and Housing=s poster on discrimination in employment and also distribute information regarding sexual harassment. Such information should include that sexual harassment is illegal, the definition of sexual harassment under applicable state and federal law, a description of sexual harassment, utilizing examples, the employer=s internal complaint process available to the employee, the legal remedies and complaint process

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

1379 words - 6 pages Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Missing Works Cited Obviously, it is a very natural thing for men and women to be attracted to each other in sexual ways. Men, more than women, have been historically known to be far more aggressive in their advances toward women sexually and it varies from each woman as to how these aggressive advances make them feel. Advances such as whistling, bottom pinching and glaring are the types of things some

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

2075 words - 8 pages and the assertion of economic power over women, all phenomena which serve to subordinate women to men. In general, the role sexual harassment is believed to play in the subordination of women in society has led many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Africa, to recognize sexual harassment as an actionable form of sex discrimination. Over time, however, the legal standards and remedies

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

1418 words - 6 pages The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace not only causes the employed parties involved grief and unwanted attention, but also gives the company a bad reputation. The definition of sexual harassment is the, "unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” (Shaney, 1986) While the most common idea of sexual harassment is that a man makes an unwanted advance towards a woman

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

1361 words - 5 pages Sexual harassment can be described as any unwanted sexual comments or unwanted sexual advances. People think that in a sexual harassment situation that the offender is always a male but that is not the case, females can also be the harasser. There can be several incidents where a male is sexually harassing a female, female harassing a male, female harassing a female, or a male harassing a male. When sexual harassment occurs it can make any

Sexual Harassment in the workplace

2686 words - 11 pages Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceIntroductionSexual harassment is very complex and problematic for one out of two women at some point during their working lives (Gutek, 1985). There are many complexities of sexual harassment, that aid in understanding the issues and how it has developed. The roots of its existence and its various definitions, along with the cultural attitudes that exist in our society regarding roles, also help in building an

Sexual Harassment of Men in the Workplace

2995 words - 12 pages harassment were inadequate and did not account for all forms of sexual harassment, especially same-sex sexual harassment (SSSH) of which men were seven times more likely to experience than women (Stockdale et al., 1999). Because men tend to me more homophobic than women, there is a much greater chance that a homosexual man will face discrimination and sexual harassment by other men in the workplace (Stockdale et al., 1999). They theorized that

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581 words - 2 pages people who believe this scenario would be far from any type of harassment.This study investigates the different perceptions of how men and women define sexual harassment. It may be a simple look, slight touch, or a verbal comment. Whatever the situation, there will be a variance in the degrees, as to what men and women constitute as being sexual harassment. 'Psychological texts on sexual harassment outline various forms of behavior ranging from quid

Sexual Harassment in School

837 words - 3 pages Sexual Harassment in School Sexual Harassment in school usually occurs during passing, recess, or during lunch. Sexual harassment can range from a quick glance to a hoot or whistle. In many cases, one does not know that they are being harassed or harassing someone. Maybe a friend tells you a dirty joke or someone who you see everyday and who you do not know gives you an unusual smile. Do you feel offended by the joke? Are you uncomfortable

Sexual Harassment in the US Workplace facts, figures, and solutions.

2397 words - 10 pages system.Employees should not feel as if they cannot talk about sex in the workplace at all. Someone can still comment on how nice someone looks or tell a sexual joke. The Supreme Court allows for sexual talk up until an employee is discriminated against. The key ingredient of sexual harassment is some form of sexual content and discrimination. This is unfair treatment of employees because of their sex. Sexual content does not necessarily mean

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

838 words - 3 pages Sexual harassment in the workplace consists of unsolicited sexual behaviors the recipient finds offensive and intimidating. Though this discrimination is illegal, the number of cases of sexual harassment continues to increase each year. This harassment may affect the recipient’s work performance, health, and career. Both men and women are victims of this discrimination; unfortunately, the majority never reports it to their employers due to

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1087 words - 4 pages the employees were untrained and misunderstood the sexual harassment policies. (2007) The Employee Equal Opportunity Commission serves a purpose is to enforce the laws against discrimination regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. EEOC is design to promote fairness in the workplace. The Human Resources department has to implement the EEOC polices and procedure to avoid lawsuits and to protect the

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1267 words - 5 pages prohibit sex discrimination in employment, this didn’t include sexual harassment. After four cases of “non-sexual harassing” acts deemed sex discrimination sexual harassment was finally recognized in 1986. In the Meritor Savings Bank, FSB v. Vinson case the Supreme Court saw it as a violation of Title VII and established the standards for analyzing whether the conduct was welcome and levels of employer liability. Finally in 1988 the first-class

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3287 words - 13 pages understand that sexual harassment discrimination is not about sex, but about power! Specifically about the abuse and misuse of that power by a supervisors or fellow employee. It does not matter if the supervisor or employee is male or female. A survey, done by The Internal Auditor in 1995, showed that men are not the only harassers. Out of the 514 individuals surveyed, "24 percent of respondents reported that they had been sexually harassed." A female