Sexual Harassment In The Workplace: A Formal Report For A Sexual Harassment Policy For A Mock Company, Sound And Vision Inc., Svi

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DISCRIPTIVE ABSTRACTThis report will discuss three primary aspects of sexual harassment; its history, specific case studies, and practical applications. The report presents a history which provides an understanding about what has happened in the past which has set the stage for the issue which concerns us today. The report also examines certain case studies, showing how the courts have modified the original definition of sexual harassment into that which is accepted today. Finally the report presents some practical applications which provide examples of the policies which three companies have instituted while focusing on those characteristics which make up a good policy. The information in this report came from a compilation of media sources, business journals, Human Resource departments, as well as from meetings with, and investigative reports provided by other Executive Assistant Interns at Sound & Vision Inc. (SVI).The purpose of this report is to present some of the practical applications and benefits of a sexual harassment policy along with some examples of other companies' policies, in anticipation of effectively supplying the reader with an overall understanding of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in itself is a very broad term and the focus of this report is to define and apply sexual harassment to the workplace. By using many general examples along with two specific ones, this report will put sexual harassment into perspective in our workplace, and provide a foundation upon which our company, SVI, can create and implement an effective sexual harassment policy.EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAs long as there are men and women in the workplace sexual harassment will be an issue of concern. In legal terms, sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual advance or conduct on the job that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace the offending employee, the employer, and even the company can be held liable. Sexual harassment also has many victims. Besides for the harassed person, sexual harassment is also: harmful to the overall morale of employees, a drain on company resources, and detrimental to a productive corporation.The current legally accepted definition of sexual harassment and the two forms in which it occurs, via quid pro quo and hostile environment, are discussed in this report along with, how this definition has been derived from specific court cases and legal rulings over the past thirty-five years. This report also examines how the definition of sexual harassment has been applied to the workplace, and by providing specific examples this report will explain, how companies have responded to the court's rulings. By appreciating and understanding the progression that the definition has undergone by means of the judicial system, an effective policy can be established ensuring that we do not repeat the mistakes of others.This report uses information obtained from a variety of...

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Essay

1379 words - 6 pages . Second, the statement could be used as basic education for both managers and employees on the subject of sexual harassment and can provide clear guidelines for workplace behavior by defining sexual harassment. This also could significantly reduce the chances of harassment occurring, especially inadvertently. Third, the policy could be used as a way of minimizing legal liability to the organization in hostile-environment sexual harassment cases

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Essay

2367 words - 9 pages supervisors and managers with their responsibilities under California law for responding to, and preventing, sexual harassment. Although federal law imposes similar duties as those required by the FEHA, there are some important differences that will be highlighted in my paper. Zero Tolerance Policy It is the policy of each department to provide all employees with a safe, harassment-free work environment. All employees are expected to behave

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3287 words - 13 pages under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. VI. EMPLOYER?S RESPONSIBILITY It is the employer?s responsibility to train and inform its managers and employees of the company?s policy that forbids sexual harassment in the workplace. The employer should train and inform the managers first, and work their way down to all of the employees in the company. The employer should also provide handbooks for all of the employees after their training has be

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2686 words - 11 pages understanding of its development. Creating awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment can be accomplished by looking into the history of roles in society and how they have evolved, along with defining and investigating the extent to which it is a problem with workplace productivity. A step by step analysis of what the person that is being sexually harassed can do to prevent and report incidents and if new preventative measures need to be

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1267 words - 5 pages financially.   Conclusion Despite widespread publicity about the danger of sexual harassment, surveys show that many businesses operating in the United States have yet to address the problem. Although businesses know it exists, they appear oblivious on what to do about it. As a result, the appearance of employer liability for sexual harassment continues to spread over the workplace. Failure to adopt a pro-active and aggressive stance on this

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1361 words - 5 pages how severe it is. Failure to act on a complaint, regardless of how severe it is could result in employer being held liable. The goal is for superiors to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. If it does exist, the harassment must be confronted and stopped immediately to avoid liability. Works Cited Alvarez, F., Court, L., & Stohler, C. (2005) ExecBlueprints. Legal Issues for Managers: Avoiding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Howarth, F. (2005) Curbing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Faulkner Information Services. Swanson, C., Territo, L., & Taylor, R. (2008) Police Administration. Pearson/Prentice Hall Publisher.

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2075 words - 8 pages sexual harassment now includes alternative theories of sexual harassment which focus on the dignity of men and women in the workplace. These theories have led to the development of more gender-neutral legal standards for evaluating sexual harassment claims. For example, the harassment legislation of many European countries and the definition of sexual harassment adopted by the EU make the violation of the dignity of a person in the workplace a central

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1981 words - 8 pages and will be liable in a civil procedure." From my research on sexual harassment in the workplace and company policies it appears that LACOE has a clearly written policy for their employees. In a recent Supreme Court it was ruled that there would standards that would affect the employers making them liable for the illegal conduct of their supervisors. The court covered two main points. " 1. If sexual harassment led to actual harm to an

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2995 words - 12 pages harassment were inadequate and did not account for all forms of sexual harassment, especially same-sex sexual harassment (SSSH) of which men were seven times more likely to experience than women (Stockdale et al., 1999). Because men tend to me more homophobic than women, there is a much greater chance that a homosexual man will face discrimination and sexual harassment by other men in the workplace (Stockdale et al., 1999). They theorized that

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2397 words - 10 pages , they were not under compliance with any laws for the protection of workers in the workplace. Even the regulations of 1994 did not provide strict enforcement so the problem remains. Statistics have shown that in the Supreme Court one-third of the people have been victims of some form of sexual harassment. A member of Congress harassed one in nine of these persons! 42% of women and 15% of men in the federal government have reported sexual

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547 words - 2 pages notify the Supervisor or designee.All complaints and allegations of sexual harassment shall be kept confidential to the extent necessary to carry out the investigation or take other subsequent necessary action.Any employee who engages or participates in sexual harassment, or who aids, abets, incites, compels or coerces another to commit sexual harassment against a employee, job applicant, is in violation of this policy and is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.This policy is set for all Management and Classified employees.Employee signature: ___________________________________________Reference: Dessler Human Resource Management 10th Edition

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1087 words - 4 pages My major is Human Resources. The problem is sexual harassment in the work place. Sexual harassment affects everyone in the work environment. Sexual harassment has been a problem for years. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment includes: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature ... when submission to or rejection of this conduct

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2409 words - 10 pages harassment from happening. There are only suggestions that might help in depleting the problem. Developing an effective policy against sexual harassment is a must for any business. Everyone in the company should become aware of this policy. It should include a statement stating that sexual harassment will not be tolerated at any level of employment. A procedure should be included as to how to report claims of sexual harassment. The plan

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838 words - 3 pages Title VII, this law now includes sexual harassment as a form of discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) published guidelines for defining workplace sexual harassment, as well as standards in handling charges of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment arises from unsolicited physical, verbal, and non-verbal behavior of a sexual nature hindering one’s work performance or generating an antagonistic or intimidating work

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1418 words - 6 pages The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace not only causes the employed parties involved grief and unwanted attention, but also gives the company a bad reputation. The definition of sexual harassment is the, "unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” (Shaney, 1986) While the most common idea of sexual harassment is that a man makes an unwanted advance towards a woman