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Sexual Harassment Laws Sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems facing our schools
and businesses today. A week rarely goes by without a reminder of the
pervasiveness of sexual harassment as a social problem. The definition
of sexual harassment is any unwanted or inappropriate sexual
attention. That includes touching, looks, comments, or gestures. A key
part of sexual harassment is that it is one sided and unwanted. There
is a great difference between sexual harassment and romance or
friendship, since those are mutual feelings of two people. This essay
will discuss the laws of sexual harassment, further, arguments for and
against sexual harassment legislation will be raised and evaluated. As
such, a conclusion will be established as to whether current
legislation is adequate or inadequate, and if so what improvements can
be made.

The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 was enacted to promote
fair treatment and equality of opportunity by making unfair
discrimination and all forms of sexual harassment against the law. It
gives all of us the right to be treated fairly and to take action if
unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment occurs. A federal act
also exists, and is known as Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act
(1984). The State Act states that "a person must not sexually harass
another person". As such, there are two elements to sexual
harassment, unlawful harassment and with intent. The first element,
unlawful harassment, is defined broadly and includes subjecting
another to uninvited physical intimacy, demanding or requesting sexual
favours, making a remark with sexual connotations and engaging in
unwelcome conduct of sexual nature. The second element is acknowledged
as with intent. This element states that the person who commits the
harassment must intend to humiliate, offend or intimidate the
complainant and/or the harassment must be of a kind that a reasonable
person must think that the complainant might be humiliated, offended
or intimidated by it. Furthermore, sexual...

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