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Sexual Harassment Of Men In The Workplace

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Industrial Organizational PsychologyIs there such a thing as sexual harassment against men in the workplace? Why are there so few cases of sexual harassment against men reported? Are there any differences between the sexual harassment of men versus women? What about same sex sexual harassment? While there is currently very little known about the prevalence and/or effects of sexual harassment of males in the workplace today, research that I have reviewed on this topic has uncovered some of the answers to these questions and more.Sexual Harassment of Men: What is Currently Known?Sexual harassment is legally defined in Canada as "any conduct, comment, gesture, or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation to any employee" (HRSDC, 2004). This definition was originally written with respect to women who face harassment because they are the ones most likely to be affected by it in the workplace (Berdahl, Magley, & Waldo, 1996). However, the law does applies to both sexes, and acknowledgement of sexual harassment against males has gained some acceptance and from the social science fields beginning in the early 1990's thanks in part to the media and the slowly changing gender role definitions that began in the early 1970's (Maki, Moore, Grunberg, & Greenberg, 2005).The emotional effects of sexual harassment are similar between men and women and range from feelings of anxiety and stress as well as anger, depression, embarrassment and humiliation (HRSDC, 2004). Most victims are hesitant to report cases of sexual harassment because they may feel embarrassed and ashamed and they feel that their workplace and coworkers will not support them or believe them (HRSDC, 2004). These reasons are even more prevalent with males because of traditional male gender roles that require men to be strong and emotionally stable (Lee, 2000). In addition to this, many heterosexual men feel threatened by homosexual men because of a perceived threat to their masculinity (Lee, 2000).Some legal cases such as McWilliams v. Fairfax Count Board of Supervisors have garnered media attention and sympathy for men who have been sexually harassed at work. This particular case involved a man who suffered with a learning disability and emotional development problems. He was made fun of in a sexual manner by male co-workers at the mechanic business in which he was employed. The abuse persisted and included name calling and psychological torment (Stockdale, Visio, & Batra, 1999).Most of the research and statistical data collected on the subject of harassment in the workplace indicates that most reported incidents are predominantly made by women who were accusing men. In recent years however, more and more men have been reporting incidents of sexual harassment perpetrated against them by both men and women in their work settings (USA, 2004). According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claims of sexual harassment of men in the workplace have...

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972 words - 4 pages Sexual harassment at the workplace (SHW) is a major occupational hazard that affects women all over the globe, but is prevalent more so in India, owing to the age old conventions of the office being a man’s territory. The situation is even worse in the unorganized sector, where there is no statutory protection. It involves unwelcome verbal, visual or physical acts of a sexual nature that severely affects the working conditions for an employee

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1267 words - 5 pages .   Works Cited Sexual harassment in the workplace in the European Union. (1998). European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Industrial Relations and Social Affairs, p. 243. O.J. (1992). European Union Commission Recommendation of 27 November 1991. the protection of the dignity of women and men at work, (p. (L49) 1.). Psychology's voice in sexual harassment law, American Psychological Association (August 1998