Sexual Human Trafficking And Forced Labor In Russia

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Human Trafficking is the trade of humans for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is forced labor and sexual exploitation. Sexual Human Trafficking is a form of abuse entailing the sexual abuse of a person whereby a person is forced to conduct sexual acts for financial advantage. Unfortunately, it is a continuing issue today in many locations, especially Russia. Between thirty and sixty thousand woman are trafficked under false pretenses each year. Human trafficking in Russia is very much alive, and needs to be brought to the surface. Bringing the obstacle to light assists in figuring out a way to combat the problem.
Human trafficking is the second fastest increasing industry in today’s world. Human trafficking affects many victims. These victims regularly and mainly include woman and children of any age that, in most situations, are not educated, are “neglected”, have a past or are still involved with drugs, or are poor (Children’s Rights: Russian Federation). Much more women are trafficked than men. Human trafficking in Russia was revived in 1993, when “pornography was widely available” (Tverdova 5). Women began to wear short skirts and revealing clothing. The pronouncement of female sexuality and the voicing of liberation led men in Russia to feel that they could violate women’s bodies. Economic shock soon came about around this time, thus leading men to begin trafficking woman in sexually forced labor to earn money (Tverdova 5). This led it to be the issue that it is in Russia today.
The financial gains involved in human trafficking is one of the main explanations to why traffickers choose to exploit women. Trafficker’s take advantage of woman for sexually forced labor to earn large amounts of money. Perpetrators can earn about $25,000 by trafficking a child in Russia. Many victims of trafficking allow themghjkl;selves to be sold and bought, or enter themselves into human trafficking because of their egregious financial situations. Poverty is an extreme factor in sex trafficking and “wherever privation and economic hardship prevail, there will be those destitute and desperate enough to enter into the fraudulent employment schemes that are the most common intake systems in the world of trafficking" (The United States Agency for International Development). Because of these reasons, human trafficking is still a thriving business that earns the trafficker a great quantity of money.
The victims are recruited and controlled in many different brutal and savage ways. In Russia, the victims can be caught and used for sexual services and trafficked on the basis of labor and used in “sweat shops, underground productions and production of counterfeit goods” (Tiurukanova 23). These victims of forced labor are controlled by the use of “exertion, deception, and intimidation” and violence (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Once a person has been taken,...

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